How do you beat someone who plays too safely?

I tried switching things up but it’s no good.
I use Blanka, Adon, and Fuerte

Whenever I play vs any Akuma using Fuerte it’s already game over since Teleport shuts down wakeup game

Short Answer: Tic throw

Also i guess if you’re playing El Fuerte stay at mid range against Akuma so if he teleports out of whatever your doing you can catch up/body slam/slide whatever el fuerte is supposed to do. I dunno man, i don’t even play video games.

Tick throwing might have worked if this were ST, but in this game all my tick throws get teched

For fuerte you can beat wake up teleports with jump in fierce OS run and then slide the recovery of his teleport iirc. You can also run and then stop in front of him and see how he reacts. When I play good fuertes with Akuma I seem to not do enough teleports cause I’m scared of getting punished.

out footsies them and if they are teleporting out of everything get them into the corner and stay about 1 character away on their wake up. they teleport free ultra combo. if u’re using ultra 2 there is no excuse u can put that out on reaction. also for tick throws if they crouch tech, backdash and punish the grab whiff animation, delay a hit so u get counter hit, or use ur ultra 2. aside from that there isnt much else. elf is a mix up beast take it from an akuma player.

Welcome to the world of Crouch Teching >_>

I still can’t get this goddam tech throwing down. I know exactly when my opponent is going to attempt a throw, and I hammer lp+lk like a silverback gorilla, and nothing ever fucking happens. Do I have to be Asian and homeless like Daigo for any modicum of success?

You have to play offline in order to tech throws

Play safer than them.

If they’re beating you they’re not playing too safely, they’re playing just safe enough.

If they’re beating you they’re not playing too safely, they’re playing just safe enough.

If you push it too early you will be in the startup of a crouching lk and get thrown out. You have to hit it AFTER they throw you, so don’t mash it. Time it right.

as much as I hate annoying dick riders, and this may sound dick riderish because ever complimenting daigo ever results in that response…

daigo isn’t homeless, he works as a nurse.

X2. Mashing throw won’t work. If they know you’re gonna mash throw, they can just ultra you, or get a free combo.

As for somebody who plays too safely, like d3v said, you need to play safer. If somebody is playing really “boring” or safe, then you have to do the same. If you rush them while they’re being safe, chances are that they are looking for you to rush, and are going to wait for you to make a mistake and then capitalize on it.

There’s a difference between rushing down mindlessly, and rushing down safely. Sounds like you need to know how to rush down safely.

How bad is the timing skewed in online play as opposed to offline? Everyone here thinks I’m an asshole, and as a result, I don’t have any offline friends and I’m tired of getting boned by throw-whoring–especially when I know exactly what’s coming.

Interesting post I must say, although completely different scenario than what I faced last night. My first thoughts would be to bait and punish.

Last night I was fighting a Ryu (I was Cammy) who in a Best of 5 round, got rushed down to hell in the first 2 rounds. In the next 2 rounds, he played safe as hell, holding down back and wouldnt as much as do anything outside of Cr frward > Hadoken. This frustrated the hell out of me, to the point where I seriously needed to adjust my thinking and my strategy for getting in. I realized that since he was playing so defensive and edgy, that He would literally twitch at every step I’d take towards him. So I just started standing outside of his poke range and whiffing shorts and jabs, and then punishing his missed cr forwards. Eventually, I was able to overcome his safe play simply based on playing safer and smarter than him.

Now what does this have to do with your story? Probably nothing, I just wanted to share that with everyone, because it was a fulfilling win that I had to work for :DDDDD
But on the real, you’ve got to learn to play safer than your opponent, and bait and punish shit accordingly.

For instance, Do Habanero Dash > step back and test their jitters. If they are feisty, punish them for being too tense. If they don’t flinch, punish them for disrespecting your mixup game. El Fuerte is based totally on toying with a person’s mind, so on wakeup, you could fake Habanero dash and then backstep (assuming they teleport towards you) and then throw them on their recovery. Or you could walk into their poke range and see how they react, and then punish their reactional tendencies accordingly.

Seriously, thats the fun part of this game, the mental part. Learn it, and learn it well my friend.

tl;dr - Bait, Whiff, and Punish

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On topic: Someone said it before… learn your OS’s to catch teleports, don’t get frustrated and slowly work your way in. Tick throws DO work if you know how to scare them out of crouch teching, read the fuerte forums im sure they have plenty of annoying little things to try.