How do you beat team Storm,Sent,and Cyc's?


It seems impossible to beat this team. Cycs’ anti is like the best in the game,plus storm and sent is #1 and #2 best in the game. So how do you ppl manage to beat this team? I use MSP and Mag,Cable,Cammy. My opponent runs away with storm until he gets to level 2 then one hit,then boom. All gone. Any tips on how to beat this team?
Also,how do you beat Sent with Cycs’ assist when you’re using mag alone?


there is a reason justin wong uses this sometimes as his business team


i pick team scrub and it does well against that team.

I guess you’ll just have to get mag skillz:eek:


pick storm/cable/doom and fucking run. that’s ur best bet…


Dunno how about capcoms AAA? I thought that was probably the most annoying AA in the game.


i found that out today…gosh…and to think that team doesn’t really have a counter…gawd