How do you block against Rapid Slash?




I use Nemesis, Zero, Doom. My cousin keeps on spamming Rapid slash all day and its annoying. How do I block against it? Everytime it crosses over I get hit even after blocking. Which way should I block?


You block towards the person before they make it to the other side. Rapid slash hits behind him.


so when hes coming with that rapid flash i have my joystick forward? It must be the timing. Man is it annoying. By the time he is behind me I block the other direction and it still hits me. Can someone please show me. My xbox tag is TamerFlea924.


I’m surprised you’re worried about this when assist + teleport is in the game. It’s basically nothing more than a self assist+port mix up.

It’s a really fast mix up and Vergil gets a speed increase in DT which makes it even harder to see once he enters DT.

Just hold forward if you can see him move behind you on reaction. If you feel it may come but are not sure, just hold forward and pray. You can also jump, double jump or air dash up and away from it if you dont wanna block it. Of course in DT that’s harder to do since the hit box is so big in DT that you almost have to super jump to escape.


Totally new to the game. Nemesis is too freaking big that by the time I super jump and and get he would have already did another rapid slash. I’d hope to train with somebody if they got the time. :smiley:


stay at a distance and hold forward so you have time to react. at least you didn’t have to deal with invincible Berserker Slash nonsense in Vanilla. >__>


Couldn’t nemesis hit him out of rapid slash with :d::h:? The super armor should last long enough to hit verg, and when verg gets hit the orbs go away right? But yeah, if you see him starting the move up just hold toward him.


now what if he’s hit you and he performs in the corner? once he knocks me down in the corner its rapid slash all day and I try to block forward but ugh…I guess its timing. Anyway I can practice against this by myself?


When you try to roll just roll towards him and keep holding that direction i’d assume. The bubbles don’t hit until after he’s already passed through (I think.)


Why not just hit the lab and test for yourself? There is no better way of learning.


Oh. There’s no hitboxes until after he’s past you?


The hit boxes only come after he’s already passed through the area they occupy. So he will rarely hit you before he’s on your other side (Outside of the corner where he’ll still be behind you but it’s nearly impossible to tell).


This might not be too much help, but if you see a raw Rapid Slash coming (I know, easier said than done) you can hit him out of it with maybe a c.:l: into whatever? I had a Vergil do rapid slashes all day long, so one time I saw it coming & hit him out of it into a combo.


I hate that move it always catches me off guard.


Rapid Slash has ZERO invincibility and it has some start up to it on top of that, Its not a move you should throw out carlessly. That being said heres how you can stop it

  1. Know when its coming, Vergil crouches and reaches for his sword before he runs at you. If your opponent becomes predictable with it punish him for it.
  2. Throw out a jab and stuff it, Since it has no invinivbilty characters with meaty jabs like Spencer can easily confirm a poor Rapid Slash to high damage on Vergil or even a dead one.
    3.Option Select a Throw, If you see it coming option select back or forward H and you will either hit him or throw him, Characters like Taskmaster destroy Rapid Slash mix ups and nothing like throwing/stopping a Rapid Slash to fill Vergils dark soul with light ;D
  3. When will a Vergil player use it? Not so much a tip but info, Vergil players will often use it after a ground string ending with H or Stinger or on your wake up. As a Vergil player myself its usually when I do them.
    Still despite its weaknesses it still is a tricky and good mix up that is a good/essential part of any Vergil players game, but they shouldnt rely to much on because its not safe on block unless you spend a meter on Devil Trigger or Spiral swords which both stop him from building meter.


Rapid slash into devil trigger is great.


Couldn’t you just have figured it out in training mode instead of making an entire new thread about it?


That “new SRK” mentality… I wouldn’t mind if he had even just asked in one of the already made threads.


I just wanna add a little bit to Pedro Morales’ post in that Rapid Slash will always be backed up with a projectile assist from a good Vergil Player and it’s best not to block, but to super through it. Either an Invulnerable super, like bionic arm or a fast projectile beam, like chaotic flame.

Throw is also a good option as it usually protects against assists.


If they spam RS, spam Back H. XD. Seriously… Mash Grab or w/e