How do you block programs so that others won't use them?

Alright, so I’m running a Windows XP and we got 2 accounts going. One is mine, and one is for whoever just wants to get the fuck on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, my gay cousion is back and staying with us and he is just downloading gay porn like crazy and I don’t want that shit in my computer.

I use Norton Anti-Virus to shield out any sites he may goto related to porn (or his fetishes), but he still has access to my only sharing program… LimeWire.

Now, I want to continue using this program, but I want to disable it on the “other” account from LimeWire to ever being used.

How can I do this?

Go into Control Panel and make the containing folder hidden, then make hidden files non-viewable (it’s under Folder Options, View tab). Then delete any shortcut/Start Bar associations on your guest account. Voila. Easily reversible, too.

That’s what I do when my daughter’s around; I don’t want her to fall up on my pr0n stash mistakenly. If the user isn’t particularly computer-savvy, that should suffice.

I have no clue if this would work but install it to run from your Documents and not from Program Files and then make the files only viewable from it’s account (so basically only you can get in).

I have no clue whether this would work to be honest :S

okay go to control panel, folder option, view tab, advance and deselect use simple file sharing under teh admin account ( i assume thats yours.)

Then right click lime wire exe, go to properties, security tab and remove his account (user group). i would also remove everyone group too (if present). Also you might need to turn off inherited permissons. do that under advance button in the security tab. Deselect the check box that say inherit permissions, select copy and hit okay. I think that will work. If it dosn’t … oh well i tried.

I wonder if the Griffins had this problem while Jasper was staying with them…

Hiding them won’t work, he is a bit smarter than that and is trying to get thru sites that will allow him to bypass my firewall (those proxy ninja sites or whatever).

He tries to hide his porn by right-clicking and putting them under hidden, but I doubt he knows the fact that I can check anything that has been downloaded within’ the day, hidden or not.

Were is the advice tab in the folder option menu? And yes I am admin.

If all else fails tell him to stop downloading that shit on your PC.

…or you could just kill the guest account, I’m sure he’ll get the hint.

or you could just beat the shit out of him for dling gay porn onto your computer

Lol yes, it’ll hint him that theres limit-less access to gay porn on Adminstrator account.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’m thinking Admin account is password-protected. Or else why bother?


sorry i meant the advanced setting scroll bar. the last option is the one you want to make sure is de-selected so you can veiw the security tab when you right click something and select properties.

And yes it would be a easier to just tell the jack ass to stop doing it, but if people just did what you asked them too, windows security features would never have been invented. Besides it gives you a power trip with your admin account.

lol, sucks because I’ve been suggested these things so many times. But you see, I don’t have solid proof of him downloading porn, but what I find odd is that when he would magically come and visit, all this porn would pop up in the computer.

Not only that, but he has a bad history of downloading a fuck load of porn.
His mom banned him from using the computer (as well as other people) because they would catch him looking up porn.

The thing is, I’ve yet to catch him, and he is very smart when it comes to deleting history in order to cover up what he has been doing. Lucky for me, I can scan what his history was or what he has been doing on the comp, sadly it does not give me the main source on where he is downloading these vids so I’m assuming its LimeWire.

I just hope he does not go off and download other P2P programs if LimeWire gets blocked (I’ve yet to get it blocked, these options ibow2no1 has pointed out are… well… not there… not too sure whats wrong).

BTW: Yes, the admin (me) is password protected with the lamest password ;p

So, how openly gay is your cousin? Is he flamer-gay, skinny, feminine dude gay, or regular joe psst, he likes guys gay?

Be sure the extra account you’ve got set up is the guest account (on limited access) and not a user-set account.

Search for a keylogger in too bust him.

Yeah, but have you actually done any of them? Have you actually told him not to use your computer for that? If you have, and he’s just denied using the comp for that, then why not just delete the account? Seriously.

he’s your cousin not a grand jury, you don’t need solid proof, he’s guilty on the basis that he’s been caught before imo. i say you make one threat, and then you follow up on if it comes to it.

Actually, i have a question about that: How can you say you don’t have solid proof? There is gay porn on your pc!! I could see if you weren’t sure if it was yours…

Who knows? Maybe the guys in the gay pron weren’t solid enough?