How do you block this?



I know there is a set up with Ken and Ryu where they crossup “in the corner” with LK and you have to block the opposite direction, then go back to blocking normally cause they end up in front of you again after crossing you up. I saw this in an ACE video with inputs.

Is this the same here? Does bison actually crossup Guile here so that you have to block a crossup, then go back to normal? Or is Yoshiwo holding back the entire time? this is where it gets tricky with bison. It seems to me he’s holding back the entire time but you never know. I know Bison players love to cross up whenever they have the opportunity.

Thanks guys

…back the whole time. thats just a fake crossup

thats what i thought, though he could have crossed him up and Yoshiwo would have guessed wrong. It’s a 50 / 50 % guess here then for Guile if youre playing a smart bison