How do you buffer that?



The qcf x2 kick, I see people buffer into it sometimes. Like for example, in Gunter’s anti-blanka video, he does a c. jab and a s. feirce then the qc f x2 kick. He actually gets the buffer in, it may not be ahrd, but I jsut don’t know how…


Easy as pie. You start at the D position with c.LP, then from there do a QCF+HP (start doing the QCF as soon as you hit LP). Since QCF+HP is not a special, it will just do F+HP, which is just standing fierce. You already did 1 QCF, so after the FP just do another and hit kick. You gotta do it kind of fast or it won’t do anything though. It’s pretty easy. Practice it in practice mode till you can get it most of the time, then incorporate it into your game. Also, do superjump forward HK after the kick super to juggle them. After that, when you land, walk under them and try another c.LP s.HP Kick super


There are a few ways to doing it. I use the Mid-Motion method meaning you would do Down + Jab, Down-Foward, Foward, Neutral standing Fierce, QCF + Kick.

If you’re really fast you could use the Sequential method meaning doing the basic attack then doing the Hoyoukusen very fast. It just depends on you. Personally, I don’t do that one. I use (close) standing Roundhouse instead of Fierce so I can do a Mid-Motion/Negative Edge method to intergrate the Hoyoukusen. In this case, it would be…

Down + Jab, Down-Forward, Forward, Neutral (close) standing Roundhouse (continue to hold roundhouse), QCF + (release) roundhouse.

I do this more often than using the fierce 'cause it’s easier to me. I like to do the fierce version when I want a little show. Palms in their abs! :slight_smile:


I can’t do it, is there some way to do it better? Or to be able to time it better? I jsut do c. lp, do a qcf hp, and then I finish it off with another qcf lk. But it doesn’t work (super doesnt come out)


You have to do it FAST. Do the QCF+LK ASAP, like during when the fierce is coming out. It’s not like comboing into a QCF+P/K special. Its faster.


Don’t mash the buttons. Make sure your joystick input is accurate (turn on key display). Practice. With Chun you have all day to cancel from any of her normals. Just press whatever button you want, then do the super after. You’ll mess up less that way.


can someone tell me how to buffer the sbk after the standing fierce in the sbk trap? i dont understand how to do it:confused:


Not sure if I’m right or not, but since you move from down, to neutral, to up and THEN kick. You would hit the fierce during the neutral “motion”


thats what i tried…but i cant pull it off for some reason…i think my hand-eye coordination isnt good enough.


Haha thats a common term which me and my friend often joke abt each other…HECP(Hand-Eye-Coordination-Problem).

I have tried the buffering techniques but cant get it to work…the buffering of the fierce punch is the most difficult. Bcos I always hit the HP during the forward-diagonal part and it turns into a c.HP instead…same for my buffering of MPs. Sigh.

I guess the best way is to combo it normally, ie after the HP then qcfx2+k, this way u dun mess up that easily.


I dunno… it’s not really hand eye coordination for the s.fierce to sbk… charge down… let go of stick (well, let it go to neutral… dont bring it there) press fierce… right after it hits press up and whatever and she’ll go into sbk…


somebody tell me does it matter if you c.lp, c.lp, as opposed to a into her kick super? at first i thought it might not hit everybody but i tried it on cammy and it worked so i can’t see what the difference is.


nobody will enlighten me???

#14 c.sp = b&b because its easy to link w/ much less error than s.sp… the margin of error in that link is so small that in heated battle u’re more likely to miss that link as oppose to the one above…

futhermore liking a super after a c.sp is much easier since the attack starts from crouching position all u have to do is df,f,d,df,f+k as oppose to fully two in one the d,df,f,d,df,f+k…

hopefully that helps…:smiley:





I realize this thread is old, but I use Chun Li now, and was looking for tips for her. Tips are usually limited in how much they help, I’m afraid, if your opponents are really good and have a solid GROUND GAME :frowning: hah

I wanted to mention my own techniques for buffers: in this case, for buffer into command supers.

I find it generally easier to buffer crouching normals into command supers, than standing normals into supers, but it varies by the normal.

In the case of Chun doing, st.hp, kick super (don’t you mean cr.lp and not cr. light KICK???), I would do:

cr.lp, st. hp, then the “speed” method or whatever, of qcfx2 + k. I’m used to speed more than anything, even if the mid-motion technique or even the negative-edge tech. is supposed to be easier. I’m better at SPEED than timing =-O

HOWEVER, I hear that right-handed players tend to have an easier time doing supers on the left side of the screen, meaning their character is on the 1st-player side and facing right, and that for left-handed players, it’s the opposite.

In my case, I’m right-handed, and it’s easier for me to do qcf supers on the 1st-player side of the screen, so when on the 2nd-player side/right side, and with my character facing left, I hold BACK after the st.hp and doing the super motion. Either I do that, or I let go of the stick for a slight moment (let it go to neutral) after doing the st.hp or whatever buffer I’m doing right before the super, and then I do the whole super motion. That sets up my hand positioning better, for ALL (I think) st. normals into command supers :slight_smile: This is identical to my personal technique for doing into kick super with da Chunster.

In Chun’s case, I would find this combo impractical (real word, right?), unless you were using it as a block string of cr.lp, st.hp, fireball special (kikoken) and then realized that your opponent didn’t block, but after doing the first lk/lp and connecting with it, I’d prefer to do more crouching normals into her super, anyway.

cr. lp into st.hp into super with Chun mostly seems your best choice when trying to land a big combo after her cross-up lk.

I also personally find it MUCH easier to be consistent in doing cr.lp, cr.lp,, super, if I skip one of the cr.lps :frowning:
This is because the timing from jab to jab is different than jab to strong, and since you’re trying to super after that, this means you have to get the correct timing/speed between jab and jab, jab and strong, AND the super…it’s TOO FUCKING EASY to mess up, somewhere! mheh.

I suck at CvS2, compared to other players, because I need to learn more RCs, and my overall strategy sucks :frowning: , although my joystick execution is getting closer to my good CONTROL-PAD execution lol

On a final note, I can see how ppl think she’s boring…Chun is more fun with meter, and the best Chun players I personally have played, will tend to use a reactionary strategy, using only a FEW normals, until they hit me, and then super or maybe special…