How do you build meter in SFIV?

Okay ive seen people in HDR build meter from random jabs and stuff and I can see the meter go up. in SFIV i don’t see this happen as much. Sometimes if I do a tostada press on nothing the meter suddenly goes SUPER! I must have built something…

sometimes I like to randomly mash jab when far away but i don’t see my meter build at all.

Getting hit and attacking others (hit or blocked) will build meter as far as I know.

How do I build meter generally? Do normals not work and only specials will build meter or something?

I always thought that you could only build meter with special moves, like jump-cancelled Cannon Strikes. Could be wrong, though.

whiffed normals don’t build meter, whiffed specials build a little bit depending on which special is being used.

From what I understand, super meter only builds from:

  • hitting the opponent (even if it is blocked. I.E., you will build meter during blockstrings) with normals,
  • being hit by the opponent, or
  • whiffing special moves (not normals, as in 3S).

Seems I answered my own question then, didn’t I?

Whiffing Specials depend solely on what special it is right? a hadoken i imagine will build a bit (excluding it it hits or blocked), but a habanero dash to not build at all. Am I correct so far? If it does build, i’m just going to spam back dash at the wall next time I play…

You surely did.

In SF4, unlike games like 3S or CvS2, you can only build meter by either making your non-Ultra moves hit or get blocked, blocking or getting hit by a move (obviously not your best option) or whiff a special move. In SF4 you typically only get time to whiff a move for free meter when an opponent is in an untechable knockdown, because otherwise it’s not safe.

(For example, at the end of Balrog’s ultra, after the multi-hitting uppercut, he can whiff a Turn Punch and then a light Dash Straight/Dash Upper for free meter and still be safe to do whatever when the opponent wakes up. This is kind of an extreme example, though, because Balrog’s Ultra has the unique property of being both untechable and launching the opponent REALLY high into the air, artificially extending the knockdown time.

(Another slightly more typical example would be Sagat getting an untechable knockdown, chucking a fast Tiger Shot over the opponent’s body to fly harmlessly offscreen, but since the Tiger Shot despawns so fast from flying offscreen without hitting anything, he still has time to throw another Tiger Shot to make contact as a meaty and keep the opponent pinned down on their wakeup.)

Some characters have moves that whiff fast enough that they’re reasonably safe against a full-screen opponent, though. Cammy’s tigerknee’d Cannon Strike (divekick) is one of the best examples of this; she can do it inches off the ground and recover almost instantly by virtue of landing so soon from her negligible air height, allowing her to rapid-fire it. In certain matchups, if Honda’s going to be keeping/kept out for an extended time, he can whiff his reasonably fast-recovering command throw for a bit more meter towards EX Headbutt. (Not a good idea against fireballs, but helpful against non-projectile characters who have to get in Honda’s grill to claim the life lead.)

In general, the most effective methods for meter building depend on the characters and the matchup in question. If Bison needs to keep his distance in a matchup and get some precious meter for EX Knee Press/EX Psycho Crusher (say versus Ryu, where they might be fairly even on life but Bison’s down on meter), he might fly around at full screen with whiffed Devil Reverse for a bit until he’s got enough meter to safely resume footsies (with an EX stock ready to break out of pressure situations or fly through a fireball). If he’s against a character without fireballs or powerful reversals (let’s say, poor Vega, whose answer to pressure is basically to, um, block and tech throws. He can flip, but against a good bait or good reaction, that just feeds the opponent free damage) instead of wasting time flying around with DR and headstomps, it’s more efficient for him to just get in their face and spam safe blocked attacks to charge meter (repeated c. LK xx LK Knee Press, etc.).

This means, of course, that among all the other things you’ll be doing in Training mode, it’s always helpful to put Super Meter on Normal once in a while and observe how fast and how much certain moves, combos, or patterns build meter, because knowing this stuff will really save your ass in the clutch.

A launched Hadoken will always build a little bit of meter just by virtue of shooting it off.

Most “movement” moves that don’t require charge won’t build meter. Fuerte’s run is an example of this; he’s not going to build meter unless you launch one of his actual damaging attacks from his run. The ability to hit and/or damage is one of the general rules governing what builds meter and what doesn’t.

Yeah, LK Guac is actually not bad at all for building full-screen meter. It’s fully fireball invincible right up until the very end, so just do it late against a Hadoken or something and Elf will usually land in plenty of time to block or evade any kind of follow-up. Really a surprising property given that the vast majority of anti-air grabs in SF (and lots of fighting games really) tend to be garbage (hi Soul Throw/Napalm Stretch).

As elf, light kick DP (his leg air grab…I forget the name because all his moves have stupid ass names) is probably your best and safest bet for whoring meter.

Safe Special Moves :slight_smile:

But do it wisely.

LOL yeah, you really don’t want to try any whiff meter building if your opponent has certain tools…and every character has tools that can punish a whiffed move from distance (of course this depends on the distance and the move)…so be careful with this stuff.

So that explains why bisons I play keep flying around on their own. I thought it was just baiting/ Luring. Same for LK Guacs I seee people like TKD do randomly at full screen. I thought all of that were baits of some sort.

Thanks for the insight.

Guilty as charged when it comes to whiffing oichi like mad from full screen.

Its because just like Chun, Bison is at a major defensive disadvantage until he has meter.

As a bison player, my worst nightmare is an opponent who mounts an effective rushdown from the very beginning of the match.

In any match, I want to take my time, feel my opponent out, and build some meter so that I don’t have to engage him until I’ve got the ability to use EX.

They are not baiting you, they are making up for a certain kind of weakness built into the character design.

It’s good to figure out what works best for your character to build meter quickest.

Quick command throws like Abel’s failling sky and honda’s ochio build tons of meter very quickly
An air special that can be done while jumping back it usually great for building meter safely like shoto’s Hurricane Kick or Viper’s burn kick
Abel’s roll actually builds meter so rolling through fireballs is great to grab extra meter
Some DP’d are really and can go over fireballs to build quick meter like balrog’s headbutt and rufus’s lp snake strike
Mash moves can be stopped very quickly if you only do the minimum amount of punches/kicks (5 total) and will build meter like chun’s lightning legs and blanka’s electricity (note, doing it longer won’t build more meter)
Character specific things like akuma’s air fireball and Bison’s devil’s reverse will build meter safely as well.

Do these things occasionally from full screen so they are safest when you have an opportunity (i.e. a fireball isn’t flying at you, your oppenent is knocked down on the other side of the screen) and you’ll find you will have more meter to play with. Also normals don’t build meter in SF2 games.

electricity and short cannon balls. when ever I get a knock down, I ball.

What exactly do people mean by jump-cancelled?

as honda, i also whiff oicho :slight_smile:

as gief, I use lariat sparingly to go thru fireballs or spam it fullscreen for meter

as dan, i like to do backthrow -> lk danku for free meter and opponent may not be able to tell what side you are going to be on.

In the context of cannon strike, he just meant to do the move instantly off the ground.

The input is: d, db, b, uf + K

Or for EX cannon strike (which SPENDS meter, not builds it, but this is good to know): d, db, b, ub + KK

He’s improperly referring to tigerknee’d Cannon Strike.

To clarify: Tigerkneeing is when you do an air special move immediately off the ground by buffering the command on the ground and finishing with an up direction to jump. (Named after the old Sagat tigerknee motion, which was qcf, uf + K.) This is what you’re doing with low-altitude Cannon Strike spam, you’re technically jumping and then instantly cutting your jump off with the dive kick. Some air specials have minimum-height limitations and can’t be tigerkneed, but for those that don’t like Cammy’s divekick, you can get some very interesting and sometimes very useful properties. (Go into KOF '98 sometime and tigerknee Brian Battler’s qcf + P air move. Hilarity ensues!)

Jump cancelling is usually used to refer to specific moves (fairly rare in Street Fighter, but very common in games like Guilty Gear) where you can cancel their recovery into a jump just like you would a special move. (For example, in Guilty Gear, you can do a gatling chain on the ground, jump-cancel the last ground hit and immediately air dash and/or start wailing on them with air normals rather than waiting for the last ground move to fully retract and THEN jumping.) Makoto has a jump-cancellable move in the form of her funky uppercut. Viper and Ibuki can do lots of things with super-jump cancel (SJC), but since super jumps are technically special moves in SF4, that’s a little different technically from regular jump cancelling; they can SJC off more moves and the properties of super jump allow them to buffer the jump, cut it off before their feet even leave the ground, and use it to chain/combo ground moves that they otherwise couldn’t (i.e. Viper Seismo spam and ground combos into Ultra, Ibuki target chain -> Ultra).

The important difference to keep in mind here is that unless your character has a jump-cancellable move, you’re not able to cancel ground normals into tigerknee’d moves; you have to do them standalone, and if you want to work them into ground pressure patterns like with Cammy, you have to wait for your normals to fully recover before executing the TK divekick.

you dont get meter in HDR for whiffing normals. You get meter when they hit or are blocked only.