How do you charge partition

I’ve just recently started using Urien and I’m not use to charge characters, could you guys give me an example, I know I’ve seen some vids where this guy was crouching and then he dashes and did a headbutt move, is that what charge partition is, thanks

the search function is your freind dude there are plenty of threads on CP and its uses but yes crouching and charging and then dash headbut is on of the uses yes it just makes urien a little more mobile but its not the be all and end all for urien learn the basics 1st :wgrin:

From what I remember:
Charge :l: or :db: then press :r:, then quickly press :l:+:k: or :db:+:k:. You will then start of charge for another Tackle or Headbutt.

That’s not charge partitioning; that’s charge buffering.

LOL, everyone mixes those up. If you just think about the word after charge, you can remember which is which. Partition; seperate; section; etc. is cut into sections; seperated; is partitioned; etc.