*How* do you choose a character?

Keep in mind that this is NOT a “choose my character” thread. In fact, this isn’t even specific to any game, and this could even apply to non-fighters. What I’m wondering is, how do you go about choosing your character in the first place?

Do you look into a character’s playstyle and choose solely based on that, not caring about the character behind it? Or do you just pick the characters you like the look and style of, or are a fan of, and treat playstyle as just an afterthought? Or is it a little bit of both, do you need to enjoy both their playstyle and their character without going too much into either? I ask because I can never decide this for myself, I keep constantly going back and forth.

And before you ask, yes, I am incredibly indecisive, and no, I’m not the type that’s really capable of coming to a decision like this without have someone kind of guide me through it. That’s just the way I am… So anyways, how do you go about choosing someone?

I choose characters I like aesthetically and then try them out. The one that feels natural and fun is probably the one I’ll continue playing.

I usually just pick them if they are cool looking or not

Try the whole cast for a few games, figure out their preferred play styles, their effective pokes, anti-airs, combos, etc etc. In the end, you should have a few characters that you really enjoy playing, and from there, just pick out who you want to dedicate time into in order to learn how to play them at a high level.

Pick one based on stylishness, read a few guides, try them out in training mode, try them out online.

If I don’t enjoy it, I pick a new character. If I do enjoy it, I have a new character.

Exclude characters bit by bit via a plethora of reasonings (looks, lack of a certain tool, playstyle, …) till I am down to one. Detailed Version.

I first go for the ones I think are cool. Then I usually end up with the characters that I can use well my umvc3 team is taskmaster, Haggar and captain America.

Just like about everyone else, I picked my characters because they look cool! After a while of playing them, I see if they fit my playstyle, then I decide if they will be my main or not. Sometimes I just pick because of looks and looks only. :slight_smile:

From my group of friends playing fighters, there’s usually three reasons why people pick characters.

There are people who pick a character because they just like the character overall. They think the character looks cool, has an interesting story, or whatever, they just pick the character because they like the character. This would be like a person picking Ryu simply because they like the type of person Ryu represents. Or, a person picking Tohno Shiki in Melty Blood because they liked the character in Tsukihime, despite whatever style of character he might be in the game.

There are people who pick a character because they see something unique the character can do, and want to use that technique as much as possible. This would be like a person picking Akuma or Ibuki because they saw them doing vortex games during a match and want to do that too. Or it could be as simple as a person seeing someone do the crazy Dante combos in (U)MvC3 and going “hey, that looks really cool, I want to do that.”

Then there are people who pick characters solely on how strong they are and want to win. This is pretty self explanatory.

When you apply this to non-fighters, you get the idea of Timmy, Johnny, and Spike from Magic:the Gathering. The Timmy player likes the big flashy cards that have devastating effects. They like to win big. The Johnny player likes unique card interactions that do weird things. They like gimmicks and shenanigans. Spike plays to win.

Personally, I’m a person who picks characters based on something cool I see that might be possible with them and then try to abuse that to the fullest potential. Whether or not I stick with the character is usually whether or not that thing I saw the character do is actually good enough to be competitive.

“Yo, this character is so fucken cool”

At a low level, most players pick characters based on looks, things that look cool/fun, or maybe even character story and that sort of thing. When you get better, you’ll start finding that this sort of reasoning doesn’t get you far.

You should be asking yourself questions like:

  • what kind of play style do I do best with?
  • what characters compliment my play style?
  • are good normals important to me?
  • do I need a good reversal? Can I trust myself with a good reversal?
  • is my execution really strong enough for this character?
  • am I patient enough for this character?

And so on. These sort of questions will get you a lot closer to where you want to be. Try to come up with some of your own.

I pick characters with enough tools to keep me from getting bored.

In Marvel, I pick my favorite comic characters. All other games, boobs.

I pick annoying characters. Character that my opponent says “For F*ck sake” When they see.

1: Do I like the character design.
2: gameplay.
3:Do I have the execution to actually play them.

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I mainly main chicks in fighting games, because I rather stare at boobs as I play a game for hours; and also because most of them are actually really good and fun to play with. However, I usually go to a character because of how natural they feel and how they look.

I have played fighting games since I was little, but It was always Mortal Kombat, Tekken or Virtua Fighter. In MK I mained pretty much the entire cast, but I’ve always used Mileena the most. However, Kenshi is my favorite MK character ever simply because of his looks and playstyle. I didn’t start taking SF seriously until Super SF4 came out. I mained T. Hawk, but that was only because I really just needed to get the fundamentals of the game down. After I figured out how to play footsies, do combos and FADC and whatnot I started to main Rose. Mainly because she just felt right to me. I also use Geif as a secondary, because I used a grappler for so long, and I wanted to step up my game in that department. I also find him more fun to play than T. Hawk. I know Rose isn’t “Top Tier” and is pretty tough to win with, but she is fun and that’s all that matters to me. I just want to have fun whether I win or lose.

So overall, I bleieve it could be a combination of things. I prefer chick chars because they are usually hot and fast, lol; but I also like to play with chars that don’t bore me quickly too. So it’s totally up to you in the long run.

This is the stupidest reason that people give to playing as a girl. Who the hell is staring at the boobs in a fighting game rather than, you know, focusing on the fighting?

To OP: I usually choose characters based on ease of use pretty much when I start out, then once I actually know what I’m doing I’ll start experimenting with more characters and see which one I like the most.

I try out cool-looking characters first, and I usually settle on whichever character has the coolest moves/abilities, gameplay-wise. If I don’t like any of the characters, I just go with some fundamentally solid character (e.g. Ryu).

Sometimes my choice is based on over all aesthetics (the stoic Ryu), a single stylish move they might have (Breaking the door down with Shen Woo in KOFXIII), or character loyalty (I’m a huge Marvel Cosmic fan so Nova and Rocket Raccoon are awesome in my book).

I take on a rigerous approach of trying out everyone in the game to see if I can find one that matches my desired playstyle and visual flair.

Then I just pick whoever’s at the top of the tier list.