How do you choose your fighting game characters?


How do you choose your characters?

I really like knowing how people choose who to stick with. Me personally, I like going with originality and someone with fun moves. I like playing:
Dudley and Q in SF3
Dudley and Abel in SSF4
Taskmaster, Spencer, and Iron Fist in UMvC3
Clark, Kensou, and Hwa Jai in KoF XIII

I really like how they are unique in their own identifiable way (except for maybe Hwa Jai, what with Muay Thai and all). So how do you figure out who you want to play as?


I press buttons and move my joystick around. If I like what happens I play them.

Recurring personality traits and move types in characters you choose to play

For me, I tend to pick a character I think looks the most interesting and continue from there. Sometimes I find out that I hate the character after playing so I tend to do a lot of trial and error. So as of right now:
Cody and a pinch of Oni in SSF4
Deadpool, Ammy and X-23 in UMvC3 (May change at some point, don’t take this game too seriously.)
(Note I don’t play KoF seriously, just for fun) Mai, Terry and Kula for KoF.
Faithful Taokaka in Blazblue.


I just play who I find the coolest.

Sol Badguy/Slayer-GG
Nightmare-Soul Calibur



1st: Who do you think is cool/fun?

2nd: After trying the whole roster, who do you think you can actually play decent with?

3rd: After playing long enough you will find a happy medium between both, usually.


I just pick the most seemingly lady-like character in the game (or the bitchiest, at least) and fight with them, and if their fighting style is graceful and quick, then I’ll use them. It doesn’t matter whether they’re weak or not, I end up dealing with it.


Didn’t we have this exact same thread like 3-4 weeks ago? I usually just pick what feels good in my hands. However, I do have a slight preference to top/high/mid tier characters, because I want to be rewarded for my efforts when learning a character.


Playstyle. I gravitate towards characters who have to work to fish for a hit, but who can then convert it into strong lockdown and/or very heavy damage (which I’d rather have depends on a given game’s systems). I also like projectiles which can be picked up after use for no particular reason, but SF4 Cody’s knife isn’t nearly useful enough to get on my radar.

Melty: H-Ryougi (main), C-Archetype (sub)
GG: Millia (main), Venom (sub)
Jojo’s: Hol Horse
3S + SF4: Makoto
ST: O.Sagat
BB: Lambda



Sorry, i’m not on the forums a lot, I come here VERY rarely. I tried looking for a similar thread but didn’t seem to find one. My apologies.


easy and effective


By their dick size. The bigger, the better. If my character can give my opponent’s character penis envy, I have already won the match.


Johnny Cage is my favorite MK character, and coincidentally he’s the character that fits me best in MK9.

  1. Looks
  2. Tier Placement

In that order. I like playing the best looking good character.


First I go to the designated 'fast and offense centered character’
then gradually work my way around the roster until I find someone I like better.


I find all the characters nobody likes and see which one I like the best. Usually all of them.


Is that right?



maybe you should work on your computer skills there buddy.

Any ya, that is right.


I whore the hell outta the tier list. This can give an impression on what really works and dominates in the game (rush, zoning, damage heavy or combo heavy characters, etc). When im done, then i proceed to pick characters that can do/cope with the stuff that WORKS in the game, and that i like for some alternate reason (mostly great antiairs, ground game / footsies and mixups).


pretty close to me

**Q **in SF3

Dudley, Zang, T.Hawk, Balrog/Boxer, and Dan in SSF4

Ghostrider/Sentinel/Taskmaster UMvc3

Double in Skullgirls

Kuma, Dragunov, and Raven in Tekken 6

Kuma/Heihachi and Ogre/Zang in SFxT

Sheeva, Ermac, and Baraka in MK9
as you can tell I usually go for the big damage characters, I like to get in and take out chunks with little care.

Some people like doing long combos to do damage but I want to get in and break something before getting knocked away(if that even happens).

There are a few exceptions though.

and being cool(and cool looking) as all get out is a big plus as well.