How do you clean your TE stick?

How do people clean their TE sticks? I am talking about the whole process - the top, the buttons, the stick, the bottom of the case, and perhaps even the stuff that made it inside. I am concerned primarily about sanitation, but also about preserving the aesthetic and not scratching the stick too badly.

Alcohol to clean/remove oils & dead skin, I use a toothpick on the nooks. Aerosol duster for the insides. Liquid wax to preserve & polish. Novus for scratches. Contact arthong for cracked acrylic replacements.

My god that sounds like a serious routine ! - I just use a Clorox wipe or two… man i need to take better care of my stuff…

Bleach is a corrosive, not really good on metals.

do not use alcohol if you have arthongs plexi. It makes it crack.

Just leavce it alone. The stick probably doesn’t ever need cleaning if you have a dust washer. Which all joysticks do. Buttons can get very dirty and once a year or so it is a good idea to pop them out , split them and take off all the dirt and shit on the sides of the plunger. But a part from that…

I’d generally leave the stick alone…

If you must clean the plexiglass, I’ve had success with eyeglass lens cleaner. Use the lens cleaner with appropriate non-scratchy cloth or get disposable lens cleaner cloth at your local store of choice (Wal-Mart, drugstore, Target, eyeglass vendor, etc.).

Doesn’t appear to harm the plexiglass at all and cleans off oils, fingerprint stains, and the like nicely.

Otherwise, leave your stick alone unless you’re buddy doesn’t wash his hands and gets chocolate/fudge stains all over it…

Best word of advice is just to clean up and NEVER play games with dirty or sweaty hands.

(Yes, there are people who NEVER wash their hands! You usually encounter them on vacation or at conventions where some people never seem to take a break for sleeping…)

Mine gets dusty and finger printy

I just wipe it off with a blanket or something then buff out the finger prints with a softer blanket or a microfiber cloth I have for LCD cleaning.

I notice some gunk arounnd the buttons from time to time and I usually use a clorox disinfecting wipe to get it out followed by the above process. I’ve noticed some gunk around the sides of the plungers from time to time and I’ve had to pop the plungers out to clean them, it’s kind of a bitch.