How do you combat Granny fingers?

Hey guys, I suffer from chronic granny fingers. It’s a condition that causes a lack of reflexes in my fingers decreasing dexterity in my game play. I commonly get this waking up then immediately playing a game or from switching from one activity to a game, also switching equipment used to play said game does this to me too.
I know i’m not the only one that deals with this, I can’t be. How do you guys remedy this?


Ummm… sounds like a heart/blood problem to me. Should get it checked out.

This only occurs when I just start playing any games for like the first few matches.

By playing any game for like the first few matches.

Sounds like you might want to look at some wrist exercises and some light cardio…

play with your tounge like worm boy does


how funny, i came in here to suggest the exact opposite. Gotta train those wrists and fingers and hands.

this should work, OP