How Do You Combo Eyeballs?

**Yeah i never tried it, and since i don’t have dc to try it i think it’s okay to ask.

Y’know how you get a free DHC if you do it when the opponent has the eyeballs on them? Well i was wondering if there was a way to combo the eyes.

Like lk,lk, eyeballs or something? **

wTf? is he serious?

What a Shuma disser this slider fella. I’ll rape ur Magneto/Sent/Psy with Shuma but I’m not where you are, so we’ll just heck it.

Anyway, eyeball combo?
jump in lk, lk, land,, 1 hit cancel into lp eyeballs
hp eyeballs won’t stick. Takes too long to start up

after lp eyeballs u can immediately cancel into Shuma’s qcf+kk special

OK my bad. It should be jump in lk, mk, land c.lp, 1 hit XX lp eyeballs xx special