How do you combo into cykes super after an air combo?



Without doing the infinite and without tiger kneeing into super after the launcher, is there anyways to combo into his super(s) after an AC?

I saw it done before in a few combo vids and someone claimed they saw someone comboed into it in the Gameroom(R.I.P.)


If you do a “reset” persay and use sj.RH/sj.FP, you can combo the super afterwards. IE, Launch, sj.LP, sj.LK, sj.LP, wait, sj.RH xx SOB.

This works with Magneto too, BTW. His would be Launch, sj.LP, sj.LK, wait, dash behind, sj.FP xx Tempest xx whatever.


thanks, but i’m not talkin about a reset though, i’m talkin about a real combo


You can’t. The only way possible is to use the infinite, dragonpunch them back up instead of relaunch, and then either immediately cancell it into a MOB or cancell it into a SOB.


actually i’ve got it done, but it was FUCKIN hard.

launch, lp, mp, SOB. the timing is too hard and unreliable to use it often.


You can actually use his kick launcher and then TigerKnee MOB and it’ll combo.


It’s possible. Launch (either one, though it seems easier with the punch launcher), sj.jab -> sj.short -> sj.strong xx SOB. Timing and positioning differ from character to character (they have to be hit towards Cyclops’ eyes after the sj.strong) so it’s not really all that practical.


how do i combo this?

how can i solo combo MOB?

i’ve seen it done with,, MOB, but is it a tiger knee motion? i can’t seem to get the jump off for it.

i’ve done one combo with it, but it was an air juggle, into ironman assist, and then j.MOB.

is there any other solo combos that can bring it into? cuz cyke seems kinda useless in heavy combo dept for me.

#9,, XX Cyclone Kick XX (1 hit, in air) MOB


how do i combo this?

i belive you mean to combo the MOB from the hk launcher right?
if so i belive youm must do the tigerknee motion but buffer the, in theory though i’ve never done this you start the motion d,d/f,f,u/f and when your finger’s or joystick reach the d/f motion
press hk to perform the launcher n continue the motion and when you reach the u/f motion press pp to sj cancel to buffered super
n since the hitstun of the launchers in the game last a lille longer for you to follow up with attacks, the stun is long enough to allow the MOB to combo, also a good other way is to do wassap’s combo it’s the other olny capable way to combo this without OTG on solo. hope this is the way and helps you:D


Re: how do i combo this?

yes… the on ekin did in his top players video


just, TK MOB

gotta be really fast


well you could always do:

j.d+fk, land, dash in s.lp, + storm proj,, assist hits, dash in s.lp,, s.lp, sj.(lp) optic blast XX MOB.

lol…take out storm part for less flash. or use drones…what ever.

if i have cykes/storm, a fun combo i go for is:

j.d+fk, land, dash in s.lp, + storm proj,, assist hits, dash in s.lp,, s.lp, sj.lp, lk, lp, pause, lp, lp, dj.lp, lk, lp, pause, lp, lp XX MOB XX frame kill hailstorm.

…thats it.


phil… ur combo god


I know this is pointless but here goes anyway;,,optic blast lp xxsuper optic blast or mega optic blast,,gene splice fp before the final hit of the gene splice cancel with mega optic blast.


I’ve done a Mega Optic Blast air combo once but yes indeed it his hard it did like 3 hits, works only in the corner I think (scratches melon) IMO, has zero priority since it’s worthless and u’ll never pull it off


Using his Kick super you can chain a special, ummm
start off your regular combo but once you get em in the air
sj.Lp, Lk, Lp Mkor just forward Lk it will place them high enough to do the fireball motion and get the super I have made the comb longer before in real battle but my hands are tired don’t feel like typing everything now.:bluu:


according to philopia, the dude on gamefaqs that makes incredible combos with every1, like roll and servbot 100% combos that WORK… u can combo the MOB if u do…, clk, slp, sj, lk, qcf+lp, xx MOB in the corner


lol…i tried that combo out HK and it doesnt work.

the combo i had postedon gameFAQ’s is:

j.d+fk, land, dash in s.lp,, s.lp, sj.(lp) optic blast XX MOB.

it works anywhere on the screen, but only on certain characters: mostly cable and doom sized characters.

vs doom (cuz this is the only person ive been able to get it on) i did a rep of the infinite, land,, sj.(lp) optic blast XX MOB. fun way to end his infinite.

there are also some AC > MOB combos that doesnt combo in, but it forces a block, so if they’re low on health you can get a chip damage win.

if you have cykes/storm you can always go for an AC XX MOB XX frame kill hailstorm…

as for the SOB combo dasrik posted, i cant get it…:frowning:


Im definetly not a cyke expert but when Im showin off I do:

punch launcher, sj.lp,, pause sj.lp,, double jump, sj.lp,, kick super.

Not so good on damage, but its pretty!

The punchs are done quickly, the super is immediately aimed straight up and gets four or five hits, and the last medium punch pretty much puts their ass on Cyke’s head! Good luck!

O yeah… don’t flame me! If you can’t do it then sorry. I can and thats why Im postin it. Tired of being told I can’t do stuff I post. I have better things to do than post bogus combos.