How do you command respect?

How do you make your opponent respect you? When I play against a gouken with another character, personally I just rush his ass down, as I don’t feel necesarily threatened by him. This may be in part because I play the character and I know what he can do and where he’s weak and what to bait.

whats everyone’s philosophy on being forced to press back constantly particularly against rushdown characters like cammy, dictator, ken, dudley etc? characters like dictator imo make for a lot of block and tech practice as I don’t like to rely heavily on counter an area that I need to improve on.

Do you guys make use of kongoshin/ex kongo in certain instances? throw out counters from half screen to make your opponent apprehensive? In what instances do you use wake up counters, ex tatsu, the new improved standing roundhouse and other moves that keep your opponent off your grill?

I start up by showing what he cannot do, jumping, etc. Counter a couple jump attempts, cr.HP mixed with cr. mk, st. mk from far.

Once you get one good combo and have manage to stop him from jumping out of nowhere, he´ll become much more cautious about their strategies to get close.

If your defense is good, and after every successful counter attack you put the pressure on, the opponent is bound to respect you.

Counterpoking is generally off-putting for opponents that rush down. If you can consistently counterpoke them, they’ll start ‘not’ doing things for fear of being outpoked - they’ll start thinking that they can’t get in. Obviously, you have to know what button beats what for individual characters, and that’s where you put the work in in training mode.

I command respect by showing them that Gouken does not suck!!! Im tired of people telling me "stop using Gouken, he’s not top tier!, You wont win alot with him, Gouken is free!"
First of all, GOUKEN IS NOT FREE! IMO, it takes a certain type of person to play Gouken, you just can’t start using him like you would Ken or Ryu.
Usually I demand respect at the beginning of all my match ups by showing my opponent that Im not going to stay back and throw fb all day. Im gonna rush in and abuse the fact that Gouken hits HARD, and when they lose their first match within those 90 seconds, I hope my opponent takes me seriously cause if they dont, its over.

Get em!!

Why don’t yall log on xbl tonight

I agree with Howling on this one. Many times I’ve fought people online who think that Gouken is an easy-win because they can just walk all over him without having much to fear. I command respect from them by doing everything in my power to punish every mistake they make in their offensive.

They recklessly poke? - They eat a Kongo and possibly an FADC into something nasty afterward if I have the meter to do so
They jump a lot? - They either eat my c.HP multiple times until they get the point, or they eat a “HP Hadoken -> Palm” which usually gets the point across right away
Spam Fireballs? - They eat a Palm, or get Demon Thrown or Demon Kicked into EX Palm combo (And we all know how painful those can be, especially if Gouken has Ultra 1)

On some rare occasions I’ll face people who would run away and taunt because they have a life lead over me. They think they’re perfectly safe until they get too careless and I land something like, “EX Demon Kick -> c.HP -> EX Palm -> HP Hadoken -> Shin Shoryuken” and either kill them or even the score. That’s when they realize that they don’t fuck with Gouken because the second they don’t respect him, they risk the chance of losing 50-60% of their health in one go

First thing I do … make them wish there was a block button.

I’m definitely with you on this, I always make sure to teach my opponent they cannot just jump attack me, once they’ve wised up and start throwing empties I get to abusing cr. hp, and cr. mk.

I need to get in the habit of poking more especially against characters like dudley who you absolutely do not want in on you.

Respect. Bah. I’m going to do whatever it takes to win. If I have to pepper you with hados all match long I will. If you can’t tech the back throw your getting tossed. If you don’t mix up your jumps and cross ups your gonna be eating Kongo. If you have trouble with goukens mix up and rush down. I am not gonna get out of your face. It doesn’t matter whether I win from flawless play or because you couldn’t capitalize on my mistakes fully as long as I win, I don’t care. You on your back is the only thing I need.

No Mercy!!! I like that!!

If I win I win if I lose I lose. I just hope when I lose I can drop the anger and see what went wrong. That’s y I love the replay channels.