How do you confirm that you registered for EVO once at the Rio? ID?

So do they have a database with my name in it and I have to show then my ID? Do they ask me my ZIP or email or something to make sure? Do I print receipt?

I imagine that I get a stamp or tag once I’m there to confirm that I’m a participant. Is that how it works?

From what I remember they you check in the night before (maybe early morning) in a front desk where they have lists of all the registered competitors. I think you only show ID and then they give you your badge. I might have gotten confused with another major though :stuck_out_tongue:

If pools “start at 8 am” it seems like they’d have to do check in on thursday night, or we’re gonna have to get up real early and this is going to be a long line.

yea last year i picked up my badge the day before and there was no line, i just walked up showed my id and was gone…then the next morning before there tourney there was a huge line wrapping around the casino…so long story short, get ur badge on thursday not friday morning

yeah if they offer the early reg again, you can get ahead of the game by coming to the reg desk the day before take 2 mins and get your gear/badge:D saves all that friday morning hassle!