How do you connect an akishop ps360 to a pc?


hey was wondering if anyone uses the akishop ps360 pcb out there. im using it for my xbox 360/mame cab and i got it workin on the 360 no problem but when I connect it to my PC it doesnt automatically install like i thought it would. its asking for like a cd or something to install it but nothing came with it. do i need to install a program like joy2key or xmapper or something? im using it on hyperspin. let me know, thanks.


Xbox360 drivers for windows :P?


or use the ps3 side


you know where i can get those from? or would i just connect an xbox 360 controller to my computer to install them?


your saying just switch the akishop to the ps3 part right?


I’m using PS360 in PS3 mode with motionjoy drivers.


i don’t think you even need to use any drivers for the ps3 side or side programs

isn’t mame like able to detect game devices for use on mame?


PS3 mode works instantly. No drivers needed.

Although you are limited to dpad motion. Some programs may not like that.


Software Download

If you go there, select

  1. Controller
  2. Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

and for 3. and 4. just choose your OS and language and you can get the drivers.

Hope this helps


sweet, i got it working, but now i need to get it configured with my emulators

hey everyone thanks for the help i got it working, i decided to download the drivers and i got it installed and working on my pc and hyperspin. but now its not working with my emulators. do i need to configure my cp with each emulator?


Any decent emulator should work with the standard 360 drivers from Microsoft. You just goto configure controls and do it for each ROM. Emulators don’t run off the stick by default, you have to manually assign buttons for each game, afaik.


Make sure your emulator supports xinput and if it doesn’t find out if it has xinput drivers, most should. If you can’t then you’ll probably have to switch to the PS3 side and use directinput.

Also yes you’ll have to configure it for each emulator and for MAME each game.


Hi, everybody, I´m having problems with my new ps360 +, I plug it to the pc but the joystick doesn´t work, just the left and left-up, no other direction, i´m trying to do what the manual says, but doesnt work, I´m trying to chek the versión so I can get info what can be wrong but I see no way to check this out, can anyone please give me a hint,
thanks a lot.

Can Anyone alse tell me whats the right way to force pc mode? the whole one please, does it change version to version? thanks a lot again!


Try flipping your 5 pin harness on the joystick. It defaults to pc/ps3 mode when plugged in, you can force xinput mode by holding 2p while plugging it in.


thank you president, I´ll try it today!