How do you control you anger issues/salt level

I can’t help it, it’s a flaw of mine but I get so damn salty.

I’m not afraid to admit that i’m not that good, I’ll float about the 1500-2200 pp range and I haven’t been able to reach higher so I’m not great.
I can’t help but swing a fist of salt into my fightstick after loosing against a goddamn ken with 200pp that was mashing ex shoryu in between my last link and bam, the last 25% of my health is gone and i’m flown into a fitting rage.

or fully doing the proper motion and button input for an ultra but instead getting an ex overhead for some retarded reason and loosing the entire round and in turn the match because of one stupid thing that the game didn’t register properly.
I seem to do okay against players of around the same PP or around 2000 upwards either winning or loosing and them generally being real close games with less than 10% of health left on either side.

When I play people under 500pp though, oh thats when I get the most scared. I’d rather come up against the no.4 blanka again than some 300pp RYU cause most of the time I end up loosing and I don’t even know why. I just can’t fathom that they would do some of the things they do after playing people who understand the game a little better and it throws me off, I guess thats just the path to becoming better and understanding what worse players are going to do.

ANYWAY thats not the point of this post I’m going off topic, I need a way to control my anger cause I love playing but I just had to stop myself from playing because I genuinely felt like I needed to give someone a right hook in the jaw and I probably would have stabbed someone given the circumstances. I need to calm down, how do you guys control your level of salt or am I just a raging idiot who will never be able to change his ways and will probably have to stop playing if it carries on like this, it’s at a point where it’s ruined a fair bit of my day.

We’ve all gone through this.
Here’s some things-
Punch a pillow not your stick.
Release fear of loss before you start. Tell yourself you are playing to learn and improve when online, not just to win and points don’t matter to you.

Play the lab sometimes, not people. When you get frustrated, go work on elements of your gameplay and level up instead of throwing yourself back into ranked already in a frustrated mindset.

I’ll give it a go, I better go grab me a pillow.

I’ve had a sandwich and I feel better. I decided I’ll just play kingdom hearts for a bit and swim around with ariel

At least you got to 2000pp, I never ascended past 500

The kens who do fadc are crazy enough to use 2 bars of focus to grab you, so watch out for their movements 24/7.

I also have to remember that there’s moves in this game that can break links, shoryu’s that obvious one I keep falling for too lol.
I wonder if there’s some stuff that can counter a shoryu nobody thought of yet

Furious masturbation.

That video was ass.

You just have to tell yourself constantly that you never lose.
You either win, or you learn something.
And the last part should be fucking bolded. If you lost, watch that shit again, and learn why you lost.

Then do something about it, instead of being a little bitch.

Hold on, what

Yep. Some moves will never break links like hakan’s moveset but some grapplers can literally mess up your link :slight_smile: then there’s the shoryus that seem to be invulnerable on the beginning stages of the move’s animation. I think those moves have that because after it they are [if they slipped up] really wide open.

I get you sure you can, I feel similar about the brick wall that is mount bison. Scissor kicks needs 2 more frames of recovery and a buff to his hands variation and turn that into an overhead if it’s not already an overhead. His heavy kick should be 3 frames slower, can be comboed into scissor hands too. Good in all the wrong places unlike the fella with the mask.

Remind yourself that getting mad over a video game is just as bad as playing Smash competitively.

I don’t really have to control it since I’m naturally a mild mannered person. I believe that learning from your losses is as important and interesting as winning and you should be thankful for all of your battles whether they were high level or low level.

Learn to be accepting of the outcome of all of your battles and find enjoyment in all of them. You don’t have to like losing, but use it as a tool to understand why you lost. Sometimes you’ll end up winning a match you know you shouldn’t have won any ways and being humble in those moments rather than acting like you deserved it is important.

Main thing you’ll also need is someone a bit more skilled than you that you can train with and ask questions to regularly. Solely grinding in ranked only forces you to grind vs the exact same level of players with the exact same bad habits which stifles your learning speed.

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Everything below is just my opinion. I’m not a good player at all, but I’ve improved over the time I’ve played, and I get worked up over playing too.

You hate losing too much. You have to accept everything that happens… win or loss. The salt comes from resisting the outcome. There has to be a kind of giving up to the situation. Then your body will relax. And you’ll be able to let go of the last game and move on to the next one.

Also… getting overly tense can hinder your ability to get better… there has to be a certain degree of relaxation… It’s like playing an instrument, if you have tension in your body, you’re not going to improve.

It’s a kind of paradox… if you worry too much about losing, you will lose. Anxiety cripples everything.

Have you ever tried meditating? I get worked up playing… especially when I’m not able to execute… so I have to consciously relax my body and mind… take a few deep breaths. A lot of times my arms tense up, I have to consciously relax… so that I’m only exerting enough tension to execute the moves, not any more than that.

Relaxation is a conscious process. You have to undo bad habits of tensing up (both mind and body)… I imagine when I exhale, I’m letting out all the bad vibes and energy.

That’s because you dropped the link while they mashed a move and it starts before your active frames lol. This aint MK or KI. No combo breakers here

That’s really old school, lol wow.

Yeah there are zero combo breakers.

I thought you were joking at first.

I just leave him negative feedback on XBL

now when he looks it’ll say 82% avoided you instead of 80% avoided you


There are lots of ways to control your anger. Depending on the type of person you are and the kind of anger you incur, some of these may work for you… Or not:

  1. care less. Easier said than done. But a bit of apathy can go a long way towards just not giving any fucks, and more importantly can be used as a way to trick yourself into not being mad (whatever, it’s just a game, etc)

  2. Acknowledge your opponents skill. This is one of the best for me. Whether my opponent is some terrible player in most situations, or is a very good player, it helps to give them credit for good moves, whether they were mashed out or deliberate, whether it’s expected of this opponent or not. One of the things that always pissed me off was getting beat by players i considered bad. Even if I had a 90% or better win rate against the, didn’t matter. But I got less mad when I learned to acknowledge my opponents good play. Even if it isn’t something they are capable of consistently.

  3. Try to be less arrogant. I guess this goes hand in hand with number 2. But it really does help to get off your high horse, if you are on one.

  4. Reduce your expectations. This is a big one. One of the reasons why people get angry is because they have high expectations, but then fail to reach those expectations. If you believe you can reach 2500 pp but are stuck at a constant 2k pp, the. EVERY loss will feel like a kick in the stomach. But if you reduce that expectation to something like 1500pp which is much easier to maintain, then you get more gratification being above that pp. this doesn’t have to hinder you either. You can still play with the express goal of becoming a better player.

  5. Look inward and feel embarrassed or ashamed at your angry behavior and make a conscious acknowledgement to be less angry. Say it out loud if you have to (when you are alone). Sometimes it helps to have a tipping point. Mine was when I had just lost a close set to a player that had gotten much better in a short amount of time. But his “better” was that he learned some cheesy new strat that I wasn’t prepared for. Right after the set my 3 year old son came in the room and bothered me with a bunch of repeated questions while I was EXREMELY SALTILY going over the set in my head, and I ended up yelling at him though he was doing nothing wrong. His face dropped and he almost started crying and that’s when I realized that my priorities and anger were way out of line and that I had to cool it down. I’ve never gotten that angry from losing since, but I also don’t take the game as serious as I once did and I play a bit less than I used to.

  6. The harder you work, the more salty you might get at losing. This is because you may think you have wasted your time. There is no great answer to this one besides realizing that this is a thing that can occur, and knowing why it makes you mad, can make you less mad.

  7. If there is a player or a game or both or whatever that particularly makes you mad to play against… Don’t play against them. It’s what I do if I find someone’s style nauseating. After all I’m playing for fun, not to win evo, and so if I find a style of play to be boring to play against them there is no reason to subject myself to it.

  8. This goes along with 7, but if you find yourself getting mad at losing, just stop playing and take a breather. Tell the person you have to go, or make an excuse or whatever and go play someone else, or just take a breather and then come back and play that person once you’ve cooled off a bit. Then repeat the process if you need to.
    One of the great things about these games is you aren’t beholden to play against anyone if you don’t want to, barring a tournament. And tournament matches are over so quick that there is little time to get super mad.

Hope some of that helps :slight_smile:

I need to do #2.