How do you count frames?

I heard some people can actually do this… I know I heard phil champ does this…

How fast reflex do you need for this? For example doing a 1 frame link attack… Isn’t the game 60 FPS?? That’s pretty amazing…

I usually get links out by accident due to timing. I CAN NOT see the frames as it’s wayy to fast. Can you?

No but I imagine if you could “see” them you would probably be somewhere on the autistic spectrum.

you need stop believeing everything people tell you

I don’t think they would be kidding to say justin or phill champ does it. If they are the best players in the world and they say they can see it, why wouldn’t they? Plus there are plenty of people who can do 1 frame links. Like Daigo? But it’s still amazing as a human being… >_>
The reflex part of their brains must be

people perform 1 frame links due to muscle memory. It has nothing to do with counting frames, I dont really get what you mean by that.

like counting the amount of frames before you hit a button… Suppose you need to hit an FADC on frame 5 at the start of an uppercut…

yea it muscle memory, nobody literally counts frames. they just practice until it becomes second nature.

Let’s put it this way. A fast human needs nearly a third of a second to register, react, and actually move something like press a button. Some people are exceptional and need less time, but still more than 1/60th of a second. You’re talking about counting down to 1/60th of a second which is much less than a third of a second and reacting on that frame. This is not neurologically possible.

Try this speed test for fun. One frame in SF4 is .016 seconds. The best I got just messing around for a few minutes was .289 seconds reaction time. Interestingly, I did better if I did not look directly at the screen, but used my peripheral vision instead.

I don’t think JWong or Champ has ever claimed that they can count frames. Probs a rumor. If they did, then they’re talking out of their ass.

As for Daigo, he’s a great player for tons of reasons, and “counting frames” has nothing to do with his skill level, nor any top player’s skill level.

It’s completely muscle memory.

What is the autistic spectrum? WIki describes it as some ADD disorder. So when you say Spectrum, i guess there’s some kind of meter where a person would fall under if they were autistic? Would the high end of that meter be someone who can see or feel everything that’s going on?

This has nothing to do with street fighter. I am just curious if there is a disorder out there that can let you see 1/60th of a second.

No one can literally count/see the individual frames as the game is going on in real time. I think what people are talking about is that they’ve gone over all the frame data for their character and other characters, and come up with the ideal punishes for any given situation/mixup/etc. They’ve memorized various startup frames, recovery frames, active frames for common moves for each character. If you understand how to read frame data and how to apply it, you can come up with many theoretical setups/punishes/whatever for a situation. You can then try those theories out in training mode, then commit them to memory. Some people play by “feel”, and others like to look at the frame data to see how they need to play. It’s all kind of the same thing really.

You’re doing something wrong, Phil champ is a god.

For mortals like me though I need to watch my character when I’m doing combos with 1 frame links. There is a certain point in the animation when I know I can press the button and it will connect.

@Murrowboy, I think autistic people are capable of being superior in intellect and brain activity to regular people but usually have some setbacks like lack of emotional contact and stuff

Frame counting is usually used for safe jump and meaty setups. You score a knockdown on your opponent with a specific move, then you whiff a couple of moves to be sure of the amount of frames that has passed so your attack lands perfectly on wakeup. For example when a T Hawk player grabs you with his lp 360, he immediately starts mashing jab, as soon as his recovery ends one jab comes out and he immediately jumps in with a splash. Then no matter if you try to DP or backdash on wakeup he will beat you. Most characters have similar setups but its very character specific.

The spectrum is a term loosely applied to people who have some form of autism, which is NOT attention deficit disorder. Autism is a catch-all phrase for what is really very specific diagnoses with very specific names…kind of like you being called a human. There’s so much more to your identity than just being identified as “human”.

Whether or not someone in the spectrum can count frames or see them, I don’t really know. They all seem to have specialties like rock solid life long memories or being able to calculate mathematical problems in their head that you or I could not do. They also have weaknesses in other areas, especially emotional attachments, empathy, reading body language and social skills in general. They are not, as an ignorant person might say, retarded or feeble minded.