How do you create winkawaks cheats?


I downloaded a huge zip with all the cheats for winkawaks, however in A3 there are only P1 codes. I want P2 to have infinite health also so i can practice V combos and such. How do i make this so?

The problem is that A3’s cheat list is frickin’ HUGE, and Kawaks can only display so much of it. What you’ll want to do is make a copy of the cheat list (probably sfa3.dat), go into it with notepad, and delete any cheats that you think you won’t want to use. Same goes for cheats that have tons of different options to select… not all of them will show up in Kawaks, so you might want to split the options between different cheats, or delete the ones you won’t use.

Also, make sure that you correct the numbers for each cheat, and for the options of each cheat, or else Kawaks won’t be able to read the file… i.e., first cheat/first option of each cheat should be 0, next should be 1, etc.

cool cool! Thanks!

Now if you could help me with ST that’d make my day. I can turn on infinite health and time, but there’s no hitstun!

Yeah, that’s a strange side effect of ST’s infinite health cheat… the character affected will just stand there like a brick wall and take anything you throw at them (although every once in a while, seemingly randomly, they will go into hitstun or get knocked down, but usually it makes something weird happen). This might just be due to the way ST’s engine works, or it might be a problem with the cheat itself… I’ll try looking into that latter and see if I can fix it.

does anyone have a link to this zip?? thx…