How do you dash cancel?

can some one help me out, im new plz…-_-

ff, then mid animation tap u or d to cancel the dash and step into the background or foreground respectively. Shotos can wave dash into electric shoryu godfist (ESGF).

thanks for helping me

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You press dash during the hit frames of whatever move it is that needs to be cancelled. Like Makoto SA2, when the last hit connects (ie. after the startup and before the recovery) you cancel into a dash so the recovery never takes place.


cancel your dash into a demon that can be done too, you can give a demon dash speed close to a TKD but you lose range as the dash doesnt finish

(btw, electric shoryu godfist is totally over-rated, its no mach for Akumas Shippu-Houyoku-jin Reflector, that move pwns all and the input is much easier than wave dashing: S-H-J-R = 1080 motion then start + select)

Makoto’s dash can be cancelled into almost anything, even a block. The other characters aren’t so lucky.

another type of dash cancelling is performed by pressing 2 punches to dash, then immediately doing the motion for the special move and pressing the punch or kick button. it is similar timing to roll cancels in cvs2 and kara throws. this type of dash cancelling gives your moves the extra range of your characters dash and is an extremely powerful tool if used properly.

for example… since makoto has such a long dash, it is possible to dash cancel a karakusa (thus giving it the extra range of makoto’s dash), and grab someone almost a full screen away!!!

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