How do you dash punch after SA1?

I saw Kuroda do it to an Akuma in order to get in quickly when he needed to get in rather than taunt, to finish him off, in the Cooperation Cup 4, and I can’t figure out how. Which way do you charge, do you have to partition, or what? :wonder:

Sounds intriguing. Where can I find this video?

Good luck it’s a torrent only. Mechanica, I’ll watch it again and see if I can find out. My guess is just buffer the charge in the correct direction and time it on his recovery.

Good luck has nothing to do with it.

Get it here:

So IN YOUR FACE Demon Dash! J/k.

Nice, I never even realised it got uploaded anywhere. Oh well, just another link to be removed. lol

I just watched the match you’re talking about …

I’ll have to test it, did you try charging the opposite direction (in the case of the video, charging right the whole time during the super then the second Q turns around pressing left?)

I’d have to test that out myself. I think there are freak cases where like I’ll be charging for a move like say, a Remy sonic boom, and someone jumps over me. I turn around and the boom comes out even though I’ve been charging the opposite way.

So maybe it’s one of those weird ways to fool the game engine that you or I can only do on accident but the Japanese can do on command. … I don’t have a copy of 3s or a system to test this out on though … :frowning:

(edit) I remember how I used to fool the Streets of Rage 2 engine into letting me do toward, toward P (Axl’s Grand Upper), but I could make this move come out with Axl going backwards … I can’t describe how I did it and technically it should have been impossible, but I could do it on command like it was nothing. This is going back, oh, 13 years or so when I was 8 years old lol

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this will be our little secret shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


I haven’t watched the match yet, hell I don’t even know which part it’s on, so I can’t make a comparison, but I have something.

It can’t be trickery ParryAll. The super doesn’t finnish untill after the oponent is across the screen, so any charge attempt to trick the cpu would be canceled out already. The only thing I have is to hold forward during the super, keep it held untill he’s turned around and then wait a second after the super shadows have gone, then you can throw one out. By doing this it gets you across the screen, just before they’re about to stand.

Like I said I can’t make a comparison, but this is all I’ve come up with so far. I’ll keep messing around for a bit and see if I can nail the timing and method to do this as early as possible on their wake-up. Then once I see the match I’ll be able to make the comparison and tell you if it is the same or not.

Edit: Well, it’s certainly faster than I had it out and yeah, it does look like trickery. I agree, definatly a japanese thing. I’ve tried to get it out using trickery, hell I don’t think I’ve mashed fierce so much, but I keep getting a normal every time. I have absolutely no clue how it’s done. Although I was trying it on Ryu, so it might be character specific. But fuck knows.

damn all I got to say is Japanese Akuma players are awesome.

that is all

Maybe I’m Just Making a Guide for my Own Edification?

It’s under charge partitioning. Just charge backward during the super, and as the opponent flies over you, switch to charging the opposite way. Always charge back compared to the side the opponent is on.

In fact, always take into account where the opponent is in whatever you’re doing. Like, if you’re facing toward the opponent and the opponent stays there, obviously you do a qcf,qcf + button for a super, but duh, and stuff. Let’s say instead you’re being fancy and doing a uoh ground crossover when the opponent is waking up and you’re starting on the left and the opponent is starting on the right and you want to do a super immediately upon landing. As you’re doing the uoh, meaning the opponent is in front (to the right) and then underneath you, you have to do a quarter circle to the right, but then once you land and you’re on the opposite side, you have to do a quarter circle to the left, and then push a button.

You know, I actually tried that, but I didn’t think it would work. I guess charge partitioning goes deeper than I origionaly thought.

It’s kinda (lol) late to say that, but for anyone googling and finding this:

You start the charge when Q connects the last hit of the super (the timing should be like a parry, except you keep holding back in this case). Quickly switch sides when the opponent is above your head/flying over you, then press foward+punch when your recovery ends.