How do you deal with a 40 hour work week?


Lately it’s been driving me nuts, I used to think it was alright because everyone had to do it. Then I realize the majority of tasks are wastes of time. I understand companies want to exploit the most out of their workers and people willingly accept this. Half of the tasks you’re given at work would be better suited to paying other employees to do and create a smaller work day for everyone. I can’t believe I spend 10 hours away from home at maybe 6 at home doing anything during my work week. I’m definitely done with it. I know people gonna laugh and say whatever or good luck sarcastically, but there is so much more to do than just work my ass off just to have money to buy shit I never have time to have fun with.

Edit: I’m in Marketing (not entry level stuff either) and I swear to God I can do my job in 16 hours a week without all the BS attached.




Shit after working a 60-70 hr work week for 2 months at my previous job, sometimes even having to work through weekends. 40hr work week ain’t shit to me due to that perspective. Which is what I’ll be getting with my next job in Tucson so I’ll have so much more down time. But I hear ya. I’d much rather be assigned a number of task for the day, then after they are completed I’m done for the day. And I’m paid for what I do rather than for how much time I’m there.

That would be a beautiful system. Come in and they say "hey we have x amount of things we need you to get done. You’ll be paid x amount if you can get them done on time and even more if you get it done ahead of schedule. Complete those task, they either pay you then and there or it goes towards your upcoming check, and you out for the day. Of course all jobs couldn’t do this like government jobs or civil service jobs like police officers or fire fighters. But in places where this could be applicable I would love to see an employer try it.


Story of my life buddy. You’re just gonna to eat because any white collar job for corporate America is about the same.

The things you’re gonna have to learn is:

  1. Mentally check out until time is up. That includes letting any bullshit roll off your back.
  2. Pick up a hobby and learn how to do shit covert while at work. Let’s say your hobby is writing. You can finish your work in 2 hours, and write/brainstorm the rest of the day. Likewise, you can also open a side business. Two of my coworkers have done so, one has opened a restaurant, the other rents a home.
  3. Balance. If you’re sitting down all day, you better exercise a little harder than usual to make up for it. Since you’re mentally checked out for so many hours, I swear doing so makes you dumb as shit. Meditation has been clinically proven to stimulate the mind, keep it young, and I think it talked about neurogenesis or something. I really like moving meditation type exercises like yoga, Tai Chi, and Wing Chun.
  4. Find something that makes you happy. A lot of guys I’ve met, the thing that makes them happy is family. They’ll eat whatever bullshit but they do it because they love their family.

Overall, even if your job is bullshit, you can still develop yourself professionally. That can involve learning shit on the side or on the job and eventually opportunities open up to you or rather I should say, you will have created (even I should say accidentally) these opportunities yourself. For example, an engineer I met who works at NOV learned coding and other computer whiz and just thought one day he’d tinker with stuff at work, and now he’s the department chief of something that didn’t previously exist but also had to create himself. Some other dude learned how to edit and create videos and now he just does whatever the fuck he wants to do and is a Youtube person.


Willingly and happily

Work is what you make of it

It is also in your best interest to start hobbies. For me it’s lifting, grappling, and muay thai. Starting a gun hobby too.

Also my backyard

I have a really mundane life in all honesty. But hobbies, tv shows, comic books, going places. Life is what you make of it.

But unless you are some hollywood big shot, shit gets repetitive.


Shit try 60-70 hrs lmao.

I way happy to be back to normal 40hr weeks.
Anyway I keep sane keeping myself busy with hobbies while at work.(office setting)
Phone games, books, surfing internet, tv shows, movies, anime, manga, online shopping etc.

Gotta get that exercise in outside of work too and eating healthy does wonders.


48 hours here. 12 hour shifts. It sucks.



40 hours a week is in stark contrast to the demands of the natural world. Not to make any harsh assumptions, but if you fall within 99.999% of the population with regular access to the Internet you (and I) likely aren’t able to hunt, farm, build shelter or adequately defend yourself from predators. These basic necessities of existence on planet Earth would no doubt require many more hours a week than 40 if not for the surpluses of free enterprise.

Those ideas generally keep me satisfied with it.


40 hrs lol, nigga you use to go to school for 40 hrs a week, stop fucking crying.


I don’t think he’s crying about 40 hours. I think he’s crying about 40 hours doing dumb shit that could be done more intelligently.


I did more hrs when I ran my own businesses but now having an 8 to 5 job I miss it so much, freedom and actually enjoying what you are doing


live closer to where you work if you don’t already.

it’ll probably cost you more but if you can spend 5% of your income and get 10% of your time back, it’s worth it (you could make a spreadsheet if you really wanted to optimize this). you’re basically getting paid more per hour and spending less time at work or going to work.

and yeah, pick up hobbies and work on them at work.


I used to be a chef.

65-70 hour work week.
Standing on your feet.
Working EVERY weekend
Working EVERY holiday
Always around hot oil, hot fire, hot ovens, hotheads
No union
No benefits
No pay

I work 35 hours a week now (IF THAT) with the reverse of everything I just said. I think people who hate to work are interesting people, when I look at people who do the same comfortable thing every day and complain. I get not being fulfilled at work, but a job is a job no matter how much you make and its what you put into it as far as what you get out of it.

With that said, every shitty job I had I used them too. I used them for skills I needed to move up the chain. And now Im here.


Seriously…I always wanted a comfy nondescript 9-5 office job. I work 80 hours a week at my restaurant, I just want to see my wife and son and maybe go to a movie some time.





Kitchen shit can get pretty odd at times. I mean, I’m not a chef but I work in a kitchen, and regardless of what my schedule says, I usually wind up working an extra hour to hour and a half. Shit, tonight I wound up staying 2.5 hours later because I had to pretty much do the job of 2 or 3 people by myself, lol.


I thought this is one of those how do you apply for jobs before the Internet thread…


Dude my goal was to become a number after working so long in the restaurant industry. I applied for a government job and everything.

I work X hours a week, my job performance is based on metrics that I hit every month. I get a cubicle. I get a chair with a butt pillow. Reddit isnt blocked in the office. Im the new guy at work and theres about 600 women in the building. Life is so sweet.

But I basically had to get shitted on in life for 10 years to get this job. So keep trucking if you have a piece of shit job.

Tell me about it.

I had one job where the teachers pet [sous chef] would come by with a fucking flashlight looking for crumbs in the corners of walk in coolers. I would literally lie about being done an hour early just so I could leave at my scheduled time because I could NEVER be finished on the first try.

That was one of my best jobs too.




Yeah, I know. It’s like…what if I need to be somewhere on the assumption that the scheduled shifts I get are well, the scheduled shifts I get. I mean, with me, I’m very much someone who wants to know in advance when I’m starting and finishing, so I can be like “okay, 4pm, time to sign out and go”. As opposed to of course, “place closes at the time your shift ends, but you’re expected to have everything cleaned/put away/floors swept+mopped by that time, even with things from the last tables still coming in”. Now, I obviously don’t blame my co-workers or like the sous chef(s?) or whatever because they clearly aren’t responsible for the system being how it is, but sometimes I can’t help but think the way it works seems a bit…flawed?