How do you deal with a good Adon?

Dear god man, i dont understand what im supposed to do against the safest pressure move of all time, the jaguar kick. i can usually AA or neutral jump the jaguar juice (tooth i know…), but the “kick” just seems to be a terribly good tool, particularly against my DeeJay (i can stop him with gen pretty good.)

i have a crap-ton of trouble with a good Adon player, any tips?

Keep a down charge.

Jackknifes own Jaguar Kicks pretty free.

If you’re fullscreen away you can zone with airslashers to bait adon into the air and you can slide or counter hit st fierce some of his moves for free as well as a st mp. Also use option selects when adon is in your face Cr fierce or cr mp would work.

get lead and down back it all day. lol.hahah just sit on jab maxout n ex dreads kicks he cant do shit to you. just lame that foll out make him come to you just , literally sit on down back if u got 1 or 2 meters

It is true that upkicks beat jaguar tooths and kicks almost all the time. the key is timing (again). I had trouble with Adons too until I took an hour or two out to go into training and really train myself to predict them and see them coming. The startup is slow enough that you should be able to do upkicks on reaction to jaguar pressure 70%-80% of the time, which will win you the match.

The same thing works on Fei Long vs. chicken wing pressure.

Any good Adon will mix up their jagger tooth and jagger kick pressure if they see you doing upkicks on reaction. This is a serious weakness that Adon players exploit. As DeeJay, I normally approach this match as I do the Guy match: First bait with max outs (sigh, “air slashers”) and when you see Adon coming at you, jump back and do a HK. This will beat a lot of Adon’s moves clean. Also you can slide into his jagger tooth moves sometimes. C.HK slide also beats jagger kick.

In all, it is one of the most frustrating matches. Adon can simply spam moves which are more or less safe all day. I’ve seen a 3kpp player with a 0bp adon just keep spam jagger tooth and jagger kick and win over 30 matches in a row against other 2/3k players (myself included). His moves are ridiculous. Luckily my Bison can make easy work out of most Adon players, but other than that it’s tough.

you just gotta beat Jag kicks. its a safe move, so no reason trying to punish it.
jump back RH
EX Sobat

If he has U1, throw max outs sparingly, even fake it out with or lp
if you can make him waste it, thats a GOOD thing.

if you hit Adon with, if you jump IMMEDIATELY after, you can do a kinda safe jump. the DP can be blocked, and he has to block a jump MK if he doesnt. im not 100% on this as I dont play adons often, but this has worked for me,