How do you deal with a slump?

I came home from a lousy date Friday night, turned on USF4 picked Elena for the first time and was absolutely massacring folks. This awesome streak continued on through Saturday. I rose about 1000 PP. I was winning 90% of the time and even beat a couple 3000 PP players. I have never play like that.

Started to play a little on Sunday and after losing 6 straight matches, I stopped. Went for a hike, went grocery shopping, hung out with a friend and came back and same deal won maybe 2 of 10 matches against much newer players. Went to work this morning, after work, sat down to play and after losing 3 straight again I just stopped.

Went from my best streak ever to my worst streak ever. I know it’s not always about winning, it’s about the experience, learning, adapting and having fun but when I am losing to people whom I would normally stomp, something feels wrong.

How does everybody deal with slumps and bad days of SF like this? Any suggestions? Obviously breaks from playing aren’t really helping.

I usually just take a break man. When i’m on a losing streak (which is quite often since i have win percentage at around 40.) i just stop. Get my head straight, think about why that it is i’m losing and try again. if that doesn’t work i just quit alltogether. Not in rage but with the mindset that it’s not worth getting agitated over a game.

I’ve changed my mindset in USFIV. Losing isn’t that bad to me anymore since i’m just riding this game out til SFV is coming out.

Some things piss me off though. When i drop links and people just mash right through everything haha.

Depends, here’s some possible reasons you not a sf4 god.

You play other games.
You didn’t bother to learn the advanced stuff.
You riding sf4 till 5 comes out.
Simply felt like playing after a hiatus.
After you found out 5 is getting rid of everything you learned in 4 you said fuck learning 4 lol.

Not talking about how to get good though. Talking about dealing with a slump. what i also do is i just play a different game. Single player no frustration just relaxin.

Sometimes you just have a bad day man. The just comes with anything competitive. For example, I believe Daigo is the very best USFIV player on the planet right now; his execution and fundamentals are unmatched. Hell he bodied Momochi at Stunfest, even landing a 20+ hit combo on him in the process and more importantly, outplaying him fundamentally; something that no one at EVO could do. However, he was performing uncharacteristically all throughout EVO it seemed like. It happens. (Momochi is at No. 2 for me, Infiltration at No. 3, currently.) Some days we’re on fire, other days we get bodied repeatedly.

Also, don’t feed too much into PP, even though it’s the overall skill modifier for the guy you’re playing. I’ve beaten some 3k PP guys pretty easily, and lost to guys with lower PP than that pretty harshly. Once the game settles in on PS4, PP will be a more solid indicator, but the competition is still kind of weak right now. ( High level players are still transitioning from XBox to the mothersystem :wink: )

Basically it boils down to if you stop sharpening, the point gets pretty dull. Get sidetracked by tons of other things, natural. Although I will say I used to be one of them fellas who played just one game 24/7.
Then gettin a stick, strange tbh It’s like you start over but at a faster rate you get back to where you was at if that make any sense.

Long story short, it’s gonna happen :confused:

It’s happened to me quite a bit. PP doesn’t bother me quite as much as BP, mainly because PP is based on win streaks at my skill level. Once you hit B-tier with a character, BP is harder to keep that score with a wishy washy win rate. Unless you play 8 hours a day with a sponsor, you’re gonna have crappy days. Even Tom Brady will throw some bad games in football, or LeBron will have a sub-par month statistically.

I usually just step away for a couple days, get some quality rest. It sounds stupid, but a good night’s sleep helps your reflexes. Playing tired hurts more than helps.

Thanks for the suggestions guys.

I try to play SF 4 only when I’m feeling 100% good. If I’m tired or feeling down or drained I wont even bother cause I’ll play terrible.

If I start getting tired through a set ill stop.

Basically it comes down to how tired I am.

That is very wise.

Today i lost one match after another, with some people playing almost like they are in a trance and they still won. That PC online is now infested with A ) turtles and B ) SF4 Gods doesn’t help either, haha. Still two days ago, i could hold myself up to or even beat players with much more points, who were good, too. It all depends on how tired i am i guess.

Yeah, I find myself just going to endless now before ranked.

If I lose in endless I don’t really care. You really shouldn’t care anyways but any normal person would get mad after losing tons of points over and over.

People need to come to the realization that if you are losing points its because you lack what it takes to be consistent at winning. Some guy beat me and said “your poison is garbage” so I took his word for it and started analyzing my replays and checking out alot of poison videos and tutorials. I then started hitting up endless and practicing the new stuff I’ve been studying and trying to work it into my own gameplay.

I only hit up ranked when im feeling real confident in my practice and am warmed up.

If you find yourself losing alot check your replays and try to understand why and find ways to improve that area you are lacking in.

Good Luck!

For me, although it sounds weird, i tend to go into a slump if my fingers arent moving like they usually do. Whenever i play USF4 ill always start off by going into training, and doing the same routine with my Dudley, practicing ducks, dashes, uppercuts, etc. just to get my fingers on the move.

If i jump straight into online from the moment i turn it on ill have a nightmare time, just because my reactions are slower and i dont execute properly.

So overall i think one of the best things you could do to counter a slump is just go in the lab, practice basic stuff, get your bnb’s down to how they usually are, and relax while your doing it forgetting about the last few bad matches.