How do you deal with defensive grapplers?



Characters such as zangief, hakan and t.hawk seem to just override whatever you are doing and have amazing reach (which is something cammy doesn’t have), if they play defensive cammy doesn’t seem to have very many safe options. How do you deal with grapplers and defenders?


Funny. How I think my whole game plan changes against geif hawk and hakan. I completely shut down and be as defensive as possible.

Lame cammy wins.

Geif is a 1 button far hk win match. Be 100% with ur ground game and anti air spikes. U2 use far hk and hp as aa instead. Pick u2 or w + delayed wakeup to get out of his mixup.

It’s a ground battle. Far hk is ur best button.

Hakan is a different story. Chill till his oil runs out. He’s free on wakeup.

Hawk is stupid in this game. Good luck dealing with spires. Learn how to whiff punish them. Ur spike aa should be on point vs all jumps. Far mk is good button here.


I’ve also got some major problems with grapplers but I know my flaw, lack of patience.
All I tend to do is dance just outside of their poke range and as soon as he walks forward poke with s.HK, walk aback, walk forward, dash forward, dash back, poke poke poke.

Vs Hakan with out u2 just play footises, wait for a dumb oil and arrow it. Then go in on his wakeup, if I hit c.LK go into a BnB if not neutral jump and hope he mash grab, delay HK if he jumps late and try to beat his air grab with one of my own if he jumps with me.

Mr Timothy Ive got no real answer for, just mash srk if he gets reckless with the spires.

Guess it mostly boils down to patience, but I feel like poor Cammy gets her hands bound and you are left with one button and a SRK.