How do you deal with one of those days,


If one of those days is a tournament?

If you aren’t sure what I mean by that, I mean those days when all you do is lose, when you’re just playing worse than usual and you can’t pinpoint why.


just dont worry about it…just show up, do your best…and regardless on what happens…try to mingle and have fun…remind yourself its just a game…dont sweat it if you get eliminated early…your performance ebbs and flows…but it shouldnt wreck your good time @ a tourney.


Plenty of people encounter hot streaks and cold streaks. It becomes pretty difficult to maintain a consistent level of play, and so you can’t get discouraged by it. Think of it as part of the normal process of levelling up your game. You’re going to have bad days and good days, but what’s important is that you keep on remembering why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Don’t be afraid to take a break if you need to. Really try to figure out why you’re just consistently losing and try to find ways to counteract that. Did you not get enough sleep? Did you foolishly a whole bucket of fried foods and beer before the tourney? Did you not practice or warm-up beforehand? Tournament jitters? Not know the matchup? Losing focus? Getting outplayed? There’s always a rooted reason for your loss, and part of the process of getting better at fighting games is seeking out these problems, studying it, and finding ways to beat it.


enter a lot of tournaments lol

I understand where you’re coming from cause I’ve had plenty of off days myself. Just accept it and give yourself more opportunities to redeem yourself. I’d also recommend asking a stronger player for some idea of what you’re doing wrong. Maybe it is just a bad day, but sometimes people just use that as a cop out instead of actually trying to figure out what they are doing wrong.


The last tournament I participated in, I lost to everyone in two different games except one person in SF4, and she probably would have beaten me too if she knew the matchup better.


Appreciate the replies, guys.


Drink. A lot. It’ll get better :).


worst advice ever, drinking because of the desperation is a huge sign of being a weakling



If you know you’ve got the skill and you just never get that lucky bracket like everyone else seems to…Every tournament day will eventually become an off day.



yea sure, nice jump on “I WASNT DUMB JUST TROLLING” train.


Because telling a guy to get smashed in the hopes of getting better at a game that demands quick reflexes sounds like top-tier advice and not sarcasm? Seriously, learn to read and comprehend a little.