How do YOU deal with... 'randomness' in players?

Hi all!

Haven’t posted here in quite some time, took a bit of a break from street fighter after learning and getting ‘decent’ with Oni, but I wanted to return to my ‘roots’ of playing Akuma. I soon remembered the frustration factor of playing Akuma - His low health. It’s sort of a general question for AE but kinda specific due to Akuma’s low health nature but; How do you deal with people that just wont learn? I’ve had people do wakeup DPs/Invincible moves over and over and get punished, then the one time I think they might have learnt… they’ll do another. I appreciate that this is an online thing but it frustrates me because; whilst they’re not maybe playing the game ‘properly’ and just playing it because they want to have some fun, I feel at fault myself for not being able to deal with such things.

The main things that seem to really trip me up are; ‘Random’ wakeup DPs, DPs in blockstrings and that guy that will just focus all day.

I have a fair few videos on Youtube so perhaps that may yield some further flaws in my playstyle.

Should I learn how to deal with these kind of people or should I just put it down to Online?

Thanks for reading, hope it doesn’t seem whiney!

NB. My use of the word ‘randomness’ perhaps isn’t quite correct, I’m more referring to… people doing things when there isn’t really a safe reason to, or don’t appear to be applying any sort of thought process to what they’re actually doing.

What I usually do when I come across players who just wake up DP or just focus attack all the time, I lame out my playing style. The combos I preform will be simple 3 to 5 hit combos and I play keep away.

Get myself killed.

Adhere to basics. This means no frame traps and generally no mix-ups at all. Stand your ground, space yourself well and play the simple game. If anything it will function as good practise for your basics.

Use airtight block strings. Don’t be afraid to attack either - you’ll find mashing butter-churners generally have piss poor defence and absolutely must do something on wakeup. Think of these situations as being ripe for hit-confirms where the penalty for flubbing your execution is death (read: mashed Ultra).

Abuse HP SRK when you have bars, the invincibility beats most things in the game and people who refuse to block will be mind fucked when a meaty HP DP beats everything they’re trying to do from mashing SRK, jabs, throws…etc lol

When you encounter those kinds of players you have to realize that it limits your mixup options. You can still “vortex” but only use options that are safe or that you know can beat out a wakeup dp/ultra or something. Other than that you get better as you play more. I’ve pretty much accustomed myself to expecting random shit from online players who I know love mashing dp and other random crap. Your reads get better and you know when to just do a quick jab blockstring and just stop. This is especially true with Seth players for some reason, good or bad, there is always a mashed dp in there somewhere.

Not getting salty when you lose to something you know (or pretend to know) as BS is THE skill. You just had to eat a lot of random stuff and avoid being random yourself to gain something out of it. Online matchup isn’t the same we learned on papers. If you care, you’re already wrong. If you adapt to minimize the threat without being a salty ass yourself. Soon you’ll get better. You will have respectful match with good players that can see the work you put on your game. And who cares if you lose to others. They aren’t better by abusing a 2fr delay making unsafe, safe online.

I fail at this skill a lot after an hour online, but I’m working on it.
Either turtle, safe zone hard or toy with them and next time against them pick Zangief for a random mash party ^^


Thanks for the tips… they’re all very helpful, I think I’m just overcomplicating things, at least its a ‘somewhat’ good way to tell how my timing is doing, though obviously with lag this is not always the case.

I see what you mean Shabrout, it can be quite frustrating, but I try not to take online too seriously, but it’s my only ‘outlet’ to play fighters against players.

I’ve thought about this too and the way to minimize bullshit against wack kids online is to just be as lame as possible. It’s not a problem for me because that’s normally what I do anyway. I love playing super lame

Also, don’t go for any vortex setups that lose to uppercuts. Ever.