How do you deal with Rolento?

I’m probably just bad, but it seems even a fairly basic Rolento can just walk all over me and I don’t know what the shit to do. When he gets in on me it feels like I’m in blockstun 90% of the time and can’t punish a thing. I’ve had some success using f+HP+HK on block to get out and put some distance between us, but when that isn’t an option I’m lost.

So, any advice you can give a very average Bison? Also, how do your matches vs Rolento usually go?

You should play footsies, once you get in it shouldn’t be a problem, just be careful about his Rol’s c.lp since throws are nerfed in this game. Neutral and>s.HK>tag confirm is your friend

I usually play defensive in this game so give Bison some defensive gems. I have some vids of me playing, but I’m too lazy to upload.

:eek: I actually just got done playing this matchup for about three hours.

You are right that when you’re in blockstun, you’re there for a while. You also cannot punish anything. On the defensive, you’re left with EX Psycho Crusher as a reversal and I guess the same move as your dead angle, so be sure to keep meter on hand for when the offensive tide of the match shifts.

On the offensive, you are on more even ground. Do not be afraid to jump in with j.:hp:, as this is a favorable trade for you despite how many anti-airs Rolento has. Bison essentially has only three buttons to confirm with: :lp:, :lk: and :mk:, so if your links aren’t consistent, you’re going to have a very hard time making your few opportunities to do damage count. Rolento is very hard to cross up when he’s standing with j.:mk:, so I would save that move for when you have him under really heavy pressure and you can kind of train him to crouch. Training him is hard, however, because his crouching normals generally blow yours out of the water.

Rolento outdamages Bison in the corner, but Bison outdamages him midscreen. You pretty much want to stay as close to midscreen as possible since this also gives Rolento less opportunities to get off his roll, walljump, and pogo shenanigans. If you tag him, you MUST confirm into the Scissors BnB. Don’t try to play extended footsies; his normals are just better and have much less recovery. Similarly, be careful when you’re jumping in on standing Rolento, as his hitbox seems very thin and he can typically s:lp: you whenever you attempt to jump at him and accidentally fly right past him (this can happen often if you’re not used to the different jump for Bison in this game).

EX Psycho Crusher and dead angles are pretty much what you’ll be using your meter for, so don’t try to get fancy unless you’ve got a tag partner who can handle this matchup better. If that’s the case, then you want to practice up on your s.:mk: > s.:hk: > X Rush or your s:hk: > X Rush confirms so you can get out as fast as possible in as risk-free a way as possible. For jumping, you must unleash your jumping normals early if you plan to air-to-air him. You will win air-to-air more times than not, but since he’s faster and has more range, you need to put yours out sooner in order to guarantee victory. Remember to juggle with your combo of choice once you win the air-to-air.

It’s not like the match is hard or unplayable, but Rolento just beats Bison in most aspects and is much easier to do the effective things with. He’s pretty safe and while he follows a straightforward game plan, he can start to get crazy if you let him, so don’t fall asleep at the wheel when you’re blocking. You need lots of patience, some meter, and most of all, you need to not play this like it’s Street Fighter IV. Bison doesn’t turtle up in this game and you’ll very quickly find that if you do, you’ll be blocking all the way to the rematch button. Remember to not poke with Scissors–it’s not a utility move in this game…it’s just a combo move. You have good normals that can make people want to clam up at least for a little bit, so you can actually set up some offense instead of relying on chip to move you forward.

Great stuff! Now my man Bison can teach Rolento the true meaning of despair. Knowing actually beating him in air-to-air is possible makes a big difference. Now just to get those hit confirm combos down… Thanks, guys.

Rolento can put you in blockstun basically forever with Rekkas followed up by standing jabs and he pwns Bison up close. To create the space Bison needs to work with you can warp backwards after the rekka or backdash then poke the shit out of him. Don’t be afraid to use an alpha counter on him during the rekkas either as it’ll make him think twice about abusing them.

Most of Rolentos options for getting from a distance can be easily seen coming. Just learn to read, play footsies and counter poke.

Playing footsies is okay but honestly rolento is one of the characters who can actually compete with Bison’s. His slide can also blow up a lot of Bison’s tired and true pokes. Rolento’s weakness is his defense. Rushing him and getting him into a corner is a smart idea. I like to zone in him the corner and get him with bisons launcher through a whiff punish and have juri slaughter him.

:eek: Two things to add to this. Well, maybe three.

Going to talk about things you can do to work your way around the basic Rolento blockstring/confirm (c.:lp:, c.:lp:, c.:mk:, Patriot Circle).

First off, this doesn’t seem to be a real blockstring. That is, from the time the string starts, to the time it ends, there are gaps that you can use, however small they are.

1] Alpha counter. This is the basic GTFO move. Do -not- forget that you have this. Be careful, though, because it can be baited with its 15 frame startup. Fun fact: Rolento can start and whiff a c.:lp: with time to block before Bison reaches the first active frame of his Alpha counter if they are both input at the same time (this situation won’t happen in game because you start the counters from blockstun, but just giving you an idea of the startup).

2] Teleport. This move is invulnerable on frame 1. Rolento, I am pretty sure, is -1 between the two c.:lp:s and -2 between those and the crouch forward (both of these situations are on block). Use this move to get out more, but watch out for cancels into Mekong Delta Air Raid.

3] Launcher. If you sniff the c.:mk:, you can turn the tables pretty hard with this. 100 damage (possibly with counter hit bonus…not too sure) and a switch. Technically you can do it in the gaps between the c.:lp:s, but I have a sneaking suspicion this only works when the gap isn’t as tight as possible; I’ve broken through Rolento’s blockstring posted above at every point in the string except the cancel into Rekka (obviously). Until I can provide concrete evidence, let’s just say that if the player is sloppy on their strings, you should try to Launcher through it. Obligatory “don’t get raped” warning.

Rolento is pretty easy to counter. He does have very good pokes but his damage output is prolly the weakest in the game, due to the scaling of patriot circle.
Damage scaling works like this

100%,100%, 90%, 80%… 10%
Your first two attacks do 100% of its damage then following attacks will be reduced by 10%

Damage scaling works on all combos including chains.

You have an alpha counter which can be easily be used when blocking patriot circle. Rolento has a very slow walk speed and his dashes are prolly the worst in the game due to having extra frames on startup. His Jumping pogo will beat out most attacks and most players will wanna try to cross you up if they pogo infront of you so just block the other way. Most of his things he uses to get in like his roll or his wall Jump is easily seen and can be read.

rolento stick jump is an multistage tool

  1. you roll on wake up, he either get back to you or cross you up.
  2. you wake up normally, continued stick pressure
  3. cross you up normally, you roll away, no harm to rolento.

regardless what situation, if he always stick jump to you, it does him no harm, and pose high reward since he will get another knock down if you block wrong.

to deal with it:

Alpha Counter (forward fierce/hk) when he do things that last long enough in your face.
Jump back MP.

on wake up.
ex devil but keep away

Bison can deal good damage on footsie range, but once they get too close you need to tag other one in, Bison still deal massive damage without gem,
that speed he have is still worth it, we just wait until APR when EVERYONE is tone down to certain level, Bison will be stand out amount them.
decent damage, great speed, safe poke, good close pressure (most close shorts are + on block, unlike AE)