How do you deal with shipping times, and delivery guys?

Do you people sit there eagerly waiting for the post man or delivery man to appear.
Do you sit at your PC checking the online tracking every few hours, hitting F5 to refresh the page for new info.

And when the delivery man comes, are you buddies with the guy or does he just dump your stuff like it is a pile of trash. Or worst insted of knocking on your door/ringing the bell they just say you are not their and leave a slip for a 2nd attempt at redelivery later on.

Does he make him/her self known or do they disappear like the wind after the package magically appear in-front of your door.

I swear the local Postal employees and UPS delivery personnel are like ninjas. You never hear a truck, or foot steps. Even if your standing by the door when you hear that knock or ring, they are only gone and there only the item your ordered left in its place.

As far as people who do ship, Chad of Lizard Lick and New Egg are the best at sending your package in a timely fashion. The worst is waiting for something to be shipped from Hong Kong. I got packages faster from Japan and the UK than I got them from Hong Kong.

I ordered from eBay, Hong Kong on the Feb 3rd VIRTUAL-ON FORCE for the Xbox 360 (region Japan), and according to the shipping info I will not get the game till the 15th to 23rd of this month.

UPS Delivery guy = super fucking ninjas who can sneak up to you in broad daylight coming towards the front of you and you never see it till its too late.

Well as for me I check the online tracking once a day, just to see when the package is supposedly to be delivered. As for the delivery itself, I try to be at the door early in the morning and wait until the deliverer arrives. USPS/UPS are like ninjas simply because they have to deliver on a tight schedule, as for the demeanor of the deliverer, usually UPS carriers are pretty nice people. As for waiting for international shipments, it will get there when the date says it will and that can’t be helped.

The FedEx employees that service my area are like friggin ninjas. I swear one of those fuckers tossed a smoke bomb before depositing the package on the doorstep.

USPS and UPS are another story entirely. As neither are particularly stealthy and yet both seem to relish the time saved on their end by leaving their respective “fetch your own damn package” slips instead of your stuff, i.e. they don’t bother knocking or ringing the doorbell but just put the slip in your box or tape it to your door. I have made more trips to the post office to collect items where I was home when the delivery was “attempted” than I’d care to count.

Back when I used to do a lot of PC modding I used a Konfabulator package tracking widget so status update shows up neatly in one little screen. I seldom had to wait for them to actually arrive since they are mostly there by the time I get home from work. I’ve only had one time to actually pick stuff up from the local UPS drop station and it was when I sent my monitor for repair. Only one bad experience with them so far. They left a box outside in the rain. usually they put them in a plastic bag. It’s fun to remove melted packing peanuts off a used Dreamcast.

I can’t truly say that the FedEx/UPS/USPS are ninjas, until I see the wood log on my doorstep wearing a company work shirt.

Quick anyone got an extra FedEx, UPS or USPS shirt, I can provide the log and a camera

if you get a lot of mail order through USPS, all I can say is, tip your local mail carrier atleast at xmas. I usually drop a $20 or $50 in the mail for my delivery carrier at xmas and the guy is super grateful. It’s the least I can do for making him lug my shit around on a weekly basis. It now pays dividends as he’ll bypass signature deliveries if we’re not home, leave stuff in certain areas on my property if I request it and generally is just a nice person to see around the neighborhood. Hell he’s even pointed out package damage and given claim suggestions.

Appreciation goes a long way.

If it’s the day of the delivery I use my phone to check just about every 30 minutes.

Dang, that’s not a bad idea.

Personally though, I’ve never really had a problem with deliveries. If they are too big for my mailbox, the postal worker brings them all the way up to the 3rd floor of my complex, and knocks on the door at the very least to let me know something’s there, and of course, doesn’t ditch and make me go to the PO to get a sign-off package.

UPS & FedEx is the same.

As for shipping times, I have an app on my phone to monitor the shipping status of my packages, so long as I am provided a tracking number. Once the info updates on their side, I get hit with a notification. But I used to be an F5 ninja before that.

But honestly, this area is good for shipping IMO, and the delivery guys actually do their jobs right.

And the only time I have ever had to wait for a package was, like mentioned earlier, from Hong Kong. But this is like 1 out of maybe 5 or 6 times I’ve ordered from there, and the seller wasn’t exactly “forthcoming” in his shipping practices until I contacted him saying it never showed.

I had purchased 2 extra Droid batteries and a standalone battery charger for them through a seller on ebay listed in Hong Kong, stated to be shipped through Hong Kong post. 21 days later, I hadn’t received it, so I contacted them. I was then told my item was shipping from Shenzhen, China, through Singapore Post. Now, this made no sense. I waited through the weekend to see if it showed, then, spooked by that revelation, just told them (after they offered to reship) I wanted a refund. And they conceded that I should get one, but for a whole week it never came. I filed a dispute on ebay, and they finally sent the refund. The exact same day, the item arrives.

I won’t buy from that seller again, but was at least satisfied my item arrived and in working order. Anything else I have ordered from Hong Kong has arrived within the proposed timeline, and usually around the same time as items from Korea & Japan would typically arrive, maybe a little longer, but never too long.

I sit down in my room, open the window, and do regular computer things all day. When I hear the truck in my neighborhood come to a stop, I rush downstairs, open the door, and greet the man. We give our goodbyes and I get my package. I love that truck sound.

Except when Package Day falls on Trash Day = FUUUUUU.jpg

Lol, when i lived at home trash came in the morning, ups normally came between 4-7

Ah yes, that sweet beautiful “truck sound”. Along with the truck sound we also have a little dog that barks it’s ass off when UPS shows up. In fact, it has built up such hate for UPS trucks that it barks if one drives down the street or stops at a neighbors house.