How do you deal with "your a scrub"?

no matter what if i win or lose im a scrub or im always doing some wrong.i try to ignore it but its getting a avg ssf4 player i know im not bad but i just keep hearing it.if i play with out mic i get msg’ do i deal with this?

First, stop worrying about what online people message you or tell you in-game. If they cannot provide specifics on why you’re a “scrub,” then it’s just good old fashion hatin’. I get told specific things like I throw too much, I jab all day, I turtle, etc. Yeah, I play Rog and know how to use him to his best advantages. Brush it off. Unless of course, you can share some specifics…

Ignore them.

Improve yourself.


Reply with “you’re*”.

But really, they’re just butthurt about losing, ignore them.

Beat me to it. I was going to say "Send them a message back with “It’s you’re.” They more then likely won’t respond.

Criticism is good, but if they are not capable of being constructive and polite, their words and judgement are likely simply clouded with emotion and unlikely to have any intelligent behind it.

Stop being a scrub.

If you got the win, then you got the win, let them be salty over it.

Yeah, just block them. I’ve come to learn that online, win or lose, style or not, you’re a scrub.

thanks for all the advice. i really want to play offline but there is nothing local

scrub basically means you are complaining about something instead of trying to come up with stuff against it. you play my seth semi-regularly and usually try stuff so i wouldn’t worry about what people say online unless they’re your buddies. if you’re doing something wrong and someone tells you why it’s wrong, then try to apply it to your game. having someone point out the flaws in your game is really one of the best things you can have. just try to make sure they aren’t trolling you.

i guess next time i get a msg or someone calls me a scrub ill ask them what i did wrong

and someone please help i keep getting signed out then it takes 10 trys to sign back in

it’s really, really, really rare for an actual decent player to call you a scrub and tell you what you’ve done wrong unless you are talking mad shit to them. but if they send you a message saying “you need to do x” then you should probably go into training mode and try it out a bit. unfortunately, getting advice online is also a bitch most of the time - many players will simply ignore you even if you approach them for advice, which is a shame. (thankfully it’s usually the opposite offline, but it can be hard getting local comp.)

as for sign in issues - if it’s xbox, play with your router. if you mean srk, try clearing out your cookies then setting your login to “always stay logged in” (srk kicks me off if i don’t do this, regardless of what browser i use…)

Haters gon’ hate. Just ignore them and focus on WHY you lost, and not the stupid messages they send you afterwards. Improve your game, and pretty soon THEY’LL be the guys who are the scrubs.

Have you checked the regional matchmaking forums yet?

you mean they more THAN likely won’t respond?

sorry, couldn’t help myself

Anyway, I’d recommend just playing it innocent and asking what you could do to up your game, win or lose, whether they can actually help you or not. They’ll either be genuine about the whole thing and actually help or realize their salt-induced message failed to get a rise out of you, either way you win.

ppl are just dicks

Write back “I know, but thanks. Can you give me any pointers to improve my game?”. It’s guaranteed to throw them off.

Just ignore them, its sour grapes. You get plenty of loud mouth punks online, do your talking in the game by beating them.

I had a message yesterday its was like you play that characters so well I bet you play this game 10 hours a day and are on welfare. I sent him a reply saying actually Im a millionaire dont need welfare.

what bothers me is that sometimes after an online lag where your characters controls hang for a few seconds (eg jumps or walks continuously or stands still), the opponents then will deliberately continue to attack though they know you can not do anything. that is cheap and it is the only time when you are excused and I’d suggest not doing it to opponents either. just wait for the controls to respond.

I ignore it 100% of the time. Win or lose, there’s always going to be someone out there with low self-esteem that just has to belittle you for whatever reason he/she may think is right.