How do YOU deal with your own saltiness? Advice on how to handle it?

As much as we poke fun at people getting salty/mad at losing, I believe that a lot of us at least have found ourselves in the same situations, whether in public or private.

Little backstory about me: Today was not my day playing AE. I lost to two Evil Ryu’s, one Ryu, and scraped a win from an Adon before quitting on my lunchbreak. First off, I’ve come up with various excuses: that these were yellow bar matches (I play on PSN, I’ve hardly ever gotten Green bars), I’m not familiar with the new character matchups, I’m rusty in general, etc. However, even knowing what went wrong, I still spouted outbursts of hatred whenever I “teched but it didn’t go through” or something similar, and I was more angry that everything my opponent did was working and I was losing because of it. I felt so angry I actually threw my stick (Chun Li TE too :() against my drawer and now it has some dents that could’ve easily been prevented if I hadn’t lost it.

While I still know better than to send an angry message to my opponent because “he was cheap,” these impulses are still there even if it’s only a brief moment. I’ve had the unfortunate experience to let it overwhelm me to the point that I don’t want to touch the game in fear of losing it once again. So my question to you is what do you do to release any stress that you accumulate playing the game? Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed with it like I have? I’d like to know.

tl;dr I threw my stick cause I lost, tell me what to do to not do it anymore, besides the obvious “Get better at the game”.

I mean the best answer is just find out what gimmicks/strategies you are losing to and go into training mode/casuals and be ready for it. I think I had to devote like an hour of practice just to blocking Blanka’s wakeup Ultra 1 at one point when I started playing, but it’s definitely worth it if it means getting better and preserving your sanity/BP/PP/Controllers/Enjoyment of the game.

As for salt, I used to be really bad about it, but I don’t mind losing to people that are obv better than me, so once I practiced and started playing more solid I started getting gimmicked and randomed less often.

Whenever you get mad, try to do something to remind yourself about what you like about the game. For example, if you just got lagged the fuck out, maybe go watch an episode of like crosscounter. If you just lost to some weird gimmick, just test it out. It’s really satisfying to know you have the answer ready the next time someone tries to beat you with the same tricks.

I lift my stick over my head and shake my arms, just so, as if to foreshadow a potential toss towards the adjacent wall or television. But then I think about how heavy and expensive it is and set it down gently back onto my lap.


I remember that I have a sweet house, a great job, a terrific girlfriend, and I’m playing a video game.

I’m being serious: its hard to keep that stuff in perspective after you get bodied. Actively remembering that its a game and it doesn’t affect anything beyond the gaming session helps keep the anger under control.

Imo just a change in perspective should be enough. I know its hard, but if you lost because of lag or something, why should you care? Knowing that you played well should be enough. Whether you win or lose something as meaningless and inconsequential as an online match shouldn’t really matter.

G-Boobie ( lol) is not wrong, just a game. That being said, I get pissed off sometimes but never enough to break shit, cos u know…thats *my *shit and well i dont wanna have to get new shit cos I got vex, cimme?

I hear you tho, believe me I do. I’m not even that good at SF yet ( better at Tekken) but what gets me when U face one of the millions and millions of the DP spamming Kens or something, I just wonder what they’re thinking? Its baffles me to no end lol, esp in Tekken.

Bottom line tho: take a break, have a smoke, stick to endless ( where it doesnt matter so much)…Laugh it off.

i go outside and punch random people in the streets.

Play something else to cool off. I find Bayonetta or Vanquish (P* FTW) good agro-release games. Anything really that will let you lay fools down without having to worry about another human fucking up the fun.

I don’t play online while sober. Because if I tried to I wouldn’t stay that way for long and still be able to netplay warrior it out. The concept of losing to netplay warriors sober / not being able to beat them post-booze is soul crushingly depressing.

IDK, if you care that much about some random netplay losses you’re probably waaaaaay too invested in this game. It’s just netplay, no one gives a shit.

Online isn’t that serious.

Stop playing online.

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Stop losing.

Thanks everyone, I’m really liking the responses so far.

As for why I’m playing online, it’s merely because I currently live in Great Falls, MT and I don’t think there’s a scene here, at least it didn’t seem active when I checked the region boards. The only play I can get out of here is online because the people around me are interested in COD and FPS more than fighting games and it’s hard for me to get any sort of practice.

This is the single greatest advice I’ve gotten all day.

Understand that YOU lost.
Figure out WHY you lost.
STOP doing that.

How do I stop losing to Yun?

Don’t play AE or 3S.

As a matter of fact I broke my SSF IV disc lol

Being a main of all 3 grapplers. I kinda expect my opponent to do something everytime they get grappled (unless they are very patient and/or mellow). But honestly, it’s like “dude sorry to say but, i got you.” Sorry i just HATE playing against poor sports. Especially the ones that go into anger outbursts when they lose, get grappled, combo’d, ultra’d, etc.
But that’s just me.

ciggs, just saying!