How do YOU deal with your own saltiness? Advice on how to handle it?

I have that same problem. Sometimes I’ll have a day where I lose a shit-ton of BP, which I KNOW doesn’t matter but it still pisses me off. Some days I just KNOW my mind isn’t in the right place to be playing, I play lazy, and I lose. I’ll throw something, call the other player a fag, whatever. It doesn’t change anything. Everyone KNOWS it’s just a game, but it’s hard to remind yourself of that when you’re losing to someone you know you could beat on a better day.

I guess that’s probably the best advice I could give. Know how you’re feeling and if you don’t feel like you can really compete on that day, stick to training mode. shrug

I deal with it by saying “Don’t let me catch you again online”

Either that or I’ll just stop playing.

The more that you think about the microstressors that you encounter everyday the more they will affect you. You should probably stop playing online if you can’t take your licks. I would assume that this mishandling of stress probaby boils over into other areas of your life, so you should probably sort yourself out before playing online again.

or just keep throwing your stick, your call :coffee:

I honestly was gonna post this as soon as I read the title. Oh SRK:lovin:

im salty as shit, always have been… its a competitive thing. its REALLY hard to train so hard for something (ie hours of training mode/actual play against people) and not be mad when you lose thus proving that all that training you did was wasted and that you may in fact still be bad, or that you are simply inferior to the person you are playing against…

what helps me most is knowing my triggers… for me they are when i lose cause a move didnt come out… or better yet cause i dropped alot of stuff that i normally wouldnt against a certain skill level of opponent (ie laggy screen, different console etc) or when i get beaten by someone that i dont usually get beaten by /or have already put dominance against and figured i know that i should almost always win. and finally against people that play scrubby IE mash shit, reversal all day, get countered 4 times in a row and still dont learn but somehow manage to win cause i keep running into there random shit…

whats helped me keep more cool in all these situations isnt just getting better… that simply prolongs the issue imho… once you do get beat the old salt will be back.

nope for me it was simply realizing that my opponent is a ctually a person and that they want to win just as much as me and that the dont necessarily look down upon me as a person just because they beat me… whether there wins are extremely rare… or mine are.

everyone is going to use the cheapest shit they can and try for the win as much as possible, once i came to grips with that my salt went WAAY down and now i can lose to tier whores and scrubby play and not feel super bad and just run it back and try to get that W.

anywho its working for me, but like everything its a work in progress.

not taking the game seriously didnt work for me though as it just means that you lose more and salt will accumulate even further. respect for oneself and ones opponent is the only real thing that has worked. whether they are some lp dp laggy mashing ken that wins because of it or not… they are still people and seeing others as such makes wholely more enjoyable.

but the salt will always be there, just do whatever it takes for you personally to try and overcome it.


I am a pretty mediocre FG player so I lose, a lot, and have pretty extensive experience with handling it at this point. I have a super-bad habit of needing to knock the crap out of something when enough salt builds up, now I just keep a few pillows near me when I play so that I can give something a whack without injuring my hand(done this wayyy too many times, less because of vidyas than rl issues though) or some expensive piece of electronics.

Not going to say “don’t get mad” or “suck less”, having passion about things is what makes them fun, but it goes both ways, the winning feels great and the losing eats at you, if you don’t care enough about something to get irked when it doesn’t go your way you should probably find something else to do.

Also as mentioned before, look for why you lost, watch your replays, find the gimmick or wakeup games that beat you, make a strategy to counter-act them, then hunt that MFer down online and get sweet, sweet revenge.

If I get mad, I just put the controller down and do something else for a while.

Go to local gatherings more often. Playing with a bunch of real people in the room usually makes people more self-conscious of their behavior.

I dunno, hard to get salty when im always on drugs before the fight. Dont remember the last time I played sober otherwise id be salty before even turning on the xbox ugh

Go to the restroom and splash cold water on your face, then breathe properly. Usually when people lose their cool, they start breathing too fast and lose control causing them to do shit that they’ll later regret (i.e. throwing a TE stick).