How do you dela with Turtles


Question to all the cvs2 players. How do you deal with Highly defensive players? I am agressive so every time i try to jump or run in i get fuc$ed-up? any sudgestions… any body


learn how to attack without getting hit a lot?

attacking = hitting people, not getting hit by people

Thanks for taking the time to read my useful advice


no a good turtle wont let you do that. he closes off your pats of attack.


Actualy i am beign zoned more than anyting.
my team is blanka>ryu>ken they need to get in close but the zoneing…


Turtle back. When they come to you rush them down. When they run away, turtle. When they come to you rush them down. Just make sure you have more life.


Blanka doesnt need to get in close, he can stay half screen away and down fierce their asses :smiley:


Honestly, turtles aren’t THAT hard to beat if you turtle yourself… it just makes the game really really FUCKING BORING… I’ve played matches where we’d walk back and forth with Sagat and throw out random s.lks, and the occasional fireball … fucking boring shit, but it works… The truth is, CvS2 is utter crap for competetive play because it suites turtlers more than aggressive players… Neways, if you want to beat a turtler all you have to do is make sure you have more life and then just sit there:p I personally don’t have the patience to sit for 99 seconds just to win the game, so I try to guard crush them… the thing is even though I get on average 5 GCs per game, it’s still hard to win… I guess in a nutshell:

1.make sure you have more life
2.throw a lot… it opens things up a bit more since they have and extra thing to think about…
3.turtle youself if you want to win
4.rush down if you don’t like turtling… but you’ll likely lose more often :smiley:


you should try the footsie game.




also try not sucking


grab. i grab them like crazy…


you are my hero.


I don’t use Blanka but with Ryu or Ken you are going to have to pick your spots when trying to get in. Try to gauge their pattern or tendencies so you’ll know when to jump, roll, DP, etc. I think the main thing is to learn to be able to create openings and capitalize on them. Also learn the priority of your normals and the distance it will outpriorize the attacks of your opponents.


crossup… roll… grab, or try to gaurd crush those mofos :slight_smile:


Be Patient

I’m guessing you are the type to want to get off a couple of combos, and then some sort of links into a super, where as your turtling opponent just wants to win.

if you find yourself being hit with the same move(s) over and over, then perhaps you should stop and think about how you’ll have to put your quarter back up on the arcade machine and wait. That’s if your playing at an arcade.


I do everything I can to degrade the person. Example- "You spend more time on your knees than a truckstop whore. " etc. I know this isn’t tactically helpful but it can get in your opponents’ heads. Throws are your best friend, along with any move that can break a guard. Cancels and supers can do wonders as well. The last time I was fighting (as Akuma) this guy turtling Terry and I did a hurricane kick, he blocked it and prepared to exploit it with a chain combo like had done to me before. I managed to get a Messatsu Goushouryu off somehow when he tried to ground chain combo, kicked the crap out of him.


That’s some great wall start right there!

Man I remember the last time someone accused me of turtling and started talking trash

It affected my gameplay so much I completely lost!

Yep that’s definitely helpful! Thanks


I turtle with pride! Someone calls me a turtle and it makes me turtle more! Unless they suck, in which case they usually do because they are just complaining that they are losing, then I kick the crap out of them. :smiley:

edit: but lots of times also its my friends trash talking, so i just turtle more. Or wait till I get a-meter and ask if they want me to attack :smiley:


but that sucks

I’m pondering whether the Asian talking about me is a sarcastic bastard or just kinda simple. Either way, I stated “I know this isn’t tactically helpful but it can get in your opponent’s head”, meaning depending the person you play it can help. I didn’t say it was a guaranteed strategy.

I mean really it really does suck playing turtles. I mean I think that this is really a design flaw in the game that there is so much defensive ability. Playing turtles suck. There should be a great exchange of tactics, skill, and style in every fight. If you get your ass handed to you by a veteran, it should be because he has used superior timing, positioning, and maneuvering against you. Not because he sat on his ass for 30 seconds until he could counter into a timed 8 hit ground combo to super combo cancel to only wait for you to attack again.

Turtles really are whores in my opinion. Now I’m sure some of you experienced players are just ready to pounce on my noobish presence and go “HEY! Whores are very respectable capitalists who do what they know how to do best! You are naive to not whore because you make so much more money working that way. Some of my best friends are 5 dollar cocksuckers. Its all about getting more money in the end”

Anyone notice a similarity? You should. Yes Turtling is effective and I guess is part of the game, but it is hardly respectable. The games between people who turtle are incredibly boring and really devoid of any real fun. I would rather watch a game between two noobs who are offensively trying everything they can and fighting fast paced to the bitter end than watch a pair of veterans sit there and suck each other’s…I mean turtle, I wouldn’t want to watch them turtle.


Exhibit 1:

(Emphasis mine)

Exhibit 2:

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