How do you do 360 Degrees moves such as Spinning Pile Dive with a directional pad?


I have never ever been able to do Zangief’s Spinning Pile Dive with the directional pad. All instances I was able to successful do it involved the analog thumbstick.

Not even using the Sega Saturn pad could I execute SPD or other 360 degrees attack.

Everytime I try to do a complete circular movement, my character ends up jumping (in particular in reverse when I try to execute SPD as according to the manual/arcade cabinet’s arrow descriptions). Even if I try to do it fast ASAP to complete a circle before the character could jump I don’t do SPD and after I press the button immediately Zangief jumps.

Is there a trick to doing 360s? It seems like the characters register jump much faster than the controller’s d-pad can register a circular movement.

Its the inverse with the thumbstick where the controller always register 360s before Zangief can jump. Basically I just literally move the thumbstick in a circle and press P and immediately I execute SPD.

Was the D-Pad (even those design for fighting games like the Saturn pad) simply not meant for 360s?


It’s doable. You can do simple tricks such as start with a LP and then buffer in the 360 and finish it before he jumps, or I believe you can start at forward and end in UBack (I believe jump takes a few frames) so as long as you finish the attack imput before he leaves the ground you should be able to do it.

Im a 360 noob but that’s what I have heard.

I am sure someone can further elaborate on this.

Hope it helps.


Just do HCF, upforward+punch or HCB, upback+punch. Sliding through all 7 directions is harder, especially on D-pad. What you’re saying about jump registering faster, it’s just because on pad you’re doing the 360 slower.