How do you do a double tackle midscreen?

I’ve done it a couple of times and sometimes did a after the first tackle. Do they have to jump at you and which characters does it work on?


Umm…not sure what you mean by double tackle midscreen but if your mid-screen and you hit then with a Cr. F or a Mp. Fireball and you have meter just do a RH Tackle into HP Aegis then RH Knee Drop, dash, into unblockable. And if I don’t have meter mid-screen I just do 1 RH shoulder tackle because I don’t think you can do 2 Mid-Screen unless you do a EX Tackle but only 1 hit with hit and thats w waste of meter.

RH knee drop unblockable only works on Makoto and Chun.

RH kneedrop work on everybody eccept for hugo and sometime with alex if your timing is right

NO, it doesn’t.

“MOST people (most meaning too many) think they can replace the dash partition headbutt with a simple rh knee drop. This is the most commonly misunderstood unblockable setup of all time. The rh knee drop setup ONLY (and I mean ONLY) works on Chun-Li, Makoto, and shotos who aren’t ken (kinda harder IMO because you have to dash with little to no gaps) because they get up slow enough.”

…from emphys unblockable-thread. I didn’t know about Ryu and Akuma, but I think headbutt unblockable is preferred on them, as he points out.

Like Mr. Bison said only Hugo. I’ve been able to do it on every Char accept Hugo because he is so big. Maybe your just not timing it right :tup:

you can midscreen triple tackle but it only works on Q…try this…c.Fp then light tackle cancel a medium or light aegis…then do three quick hard tackles

Whatever, if it “works” for them, let them do it :tup:

Holy cow this thread got highjacked with stupidity?

In response to the original thread question, I played around a little with it, and in order for you to be able to get two consecutive midscreen tackles, the launch height of the opponent has to be extremely high on the first tackle. My easiest example would be vs a jumping Q. fp sphere -> mk tackle -> mk tackle Midscreen. The second tackle hits EXTREMELY low, so I would venture to say THREE midscreen tackles is impossible. Purpose? Building bar, and pushing opponent to corner. Likelyhood? Very little if any, since my example used a jumping Q (which is rare :p), but it never hurts to try a second tackle if the first hit a jumping opponent and you don’t have meter for reflector. As for who to use it on. shrug I’ve done it to people on other than Q but I don’t know who off the top of my head.

As for the unblockable mumbojumbo, c. fp -> tackle -> fp reflector -> rk tackle -> rk kneedrop will NOT work on “everybody”. If you do that, read the unblockable thread. If you pull it off midgame vs someone other than ryu/akuma/sean/makoto/chun/urien, you are clearly doing it on an opponent who is not hitting you back. I can do it all day long vs training dummies who don’t retaliate, but in a real game situation, that shit will get you messed up, end of discussion.

^Thanks, I don’t know why they started talking about unblockable setups…

i understand ereet when it comes to the unblockable and how it doesn’t work…i mis-understood some things i read…how ever the triple tackle on “Q” does work its in the new 3s quick and dirty video…check it out for yourself…

The third tackle isn’t exactly “midscreen” in the video. You get 2 midscreen, and then Q is in the corner for the third one.

For 3, I think you would have to start with your back to the corner… I don’t know if it works (i never tried it), but I doubt it. But 2 tackles and then an EX might I guess…

I was a bit gobsmacked at the time, but I got hit with 3 back to back EX tackles the other day. I think they all combo’d too. I wasn’t playing Q, but I was standing in the corner. I thought this was impossible?