How do you do a really fast jab consistently?

I am pretty sure it is not perfect double tapping because that would probably slow you down if you got only one jab for jab two inputs. Is it a slower, imperfect version of double tapping?

Here is a video of what I am talking about. Look at around 20 seconds.


I use two fingers. And please stick with the game topic. Pervs.

I know that you use two fingers but how do you use your two fingers. It may be hard to explain but can you explain a bit more about the technique you do with your two fingers?


More coming soon.

Alright I was in training mode for about two hours and I think I’ve got it.

The way I have found to be the fastest is in fact the slow double tap. Now you will have to know or feel out how long it takes your characters jab to come out and go back in. Once you get that down you do a repeated slower double tap at precisely that speed and the jab will be near turbo speed.

I will say it right here Sanwa parts are the best and they allow so many advanced techniques to be done. If you do not know all the advanced techniques then you may prefer other parts.

If I have a HORI EX2 (Tekken 6 model) will I be able to do this? I’m a noob when it comes to sticks and the like. Thanks all.

Yep. Stock hori buttons aren’t bad at all, they’re just not as sensitive. You gotta let em know they’re being hit.

They also seem to give up the ghost faster than seimitsus and sanwas do.

The sensitivity is where it is at for the buttons. When I double tap I slightly graze the buttons. If I press them forcefully I will either be too slow or hit other buttons such as light kick with it.

Another thing you can do too is double plinking on that stick. Everything just seems a little bit harder with hori stock parts. Look at Daigos SSF4 inputs on his gameinn account and you will start seeing just how advanced (not hard once you know them) some of his inputs are.

The people that just come from SF2 have no idea about how some of these inputs work and are terrible at links in SSF4. Then there are people like Justin Wong who bothers to learn it all and destroy people constantly. Once you get them down they start feeling natural and you will pull off links in SSF4 much easier.

Happ comp buttons are indeed faster. At least for me. The spring on Sanwa buttons is too soft, making the buttons return to non-active too slowly. As for factual information, I can get as many as 14 presses per second on Happ comp buttons but only around 11-12 on my TE (Sanwas). When I increase my speed I end up getting less presses due to the button not going up as much as needed to deactivate. The presses I can get on Happs are enough to obtain fierce HHS or roundhouse LL on 200% ST/SX speed (you can set that in GGPOfba). On the Sanwas, I have never achieved those at such a speed.

Anyway, this is just one “issue”. One in fact does not need such high speed and the concentration I need to do so is such that I can not concentrate on the game. Also, say, if you play boxer in arcade VST happ buttons are likely to get you a tendinitis, without some care such as constantly stretching and making frequent pauses. Sanwa buttons are much softer, and despite the rather awkward button setups* for that character, it ends up being more comfortable on those.

*assuming the usual layouts on the most common Japanese cabinets.

When it comes to rapid button tapping, there are usually two methods. Either you drum two fingers, whether using fingers on the same hand or on different hands, or, you do what I do and flex your arm and hold your middle finger at just the right place that your finger hits the button anywhere from 12-16 times a second. The latter method pretty much gets me all the way through Strider and makes me almost untacklable in Tecmo Bowl. :slight_smile: Of course, keeping your arm flexed for that amount of time is not for people that can’t handle lactic acid burn, so you best start hittin’ them weights, kid! :slight_smile:

Masturbate. Masturbate feverishly. This is the best training that you will actually enjoy and stick with.

Isnt that for mashing out of bites & hugs? As for rapid punches i never bother doing them, can someone show a video of this…My fingers are to fat for me to drum on a single buttons, is there any bigger buttons besides sanwas? 30mm, is there a 50mm haha

SF3 player Amir combines a pulse movement together with the trill to hit the button [media=youtube]2Usu6_glBZ4"[/media].

i smash my face into the stick while yelling “come on you fucking piece of shit, fucking work!” and i get mad fast jabs, yo.

I haven’t used Happ for a long time but the activation/deactivation time on Sanwa can easily activate/deactivate every frame especially when you graze the buttons so that should not be a problem. If you press the button down all the way then you might have a problem.

Just make sure you’re using a controller that’s equipped with turbo buttons! Duh!! j/k

You just made me LOL for reals!

Yeah i hear Madcatz equipment are great for honda players!

“Whatcha’ talking 'bout Willis?” <I got my bottom lip poked out at you!>

Actually Honda players would want more control over the HHS so they can stop on the first hit and Ochio (or immediatly follow one with another).

Years of playing Track and Field games are great practice (anyone wanna play some Bejing '08?)!