How do you do a Shoryuken?

I’ve been playing Street Fighter games for almost a year now. I just got SFV and I’m in training mode with Ken and Ryu and I just cannot pull off a Shoryuken. I can s Tweakbox ometimes do it with the D-Pad, but I always play with the stick and I can just rarely pull it off. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve never played SF on PS4 because I primar Appvalley ily play them on Xbox One and Switch, but in SFIII: 3rd Strike I almost have little to no trouble pulling off a Shoryuken (unless it’s Online). I have always had trouble doing it, but I feel like I could in 3rd Strike. But hell, I don’t always pull them off there either. I know there are some shortcuts like Downforward, Downforward Punch, but I really want to try it the regular way so I can get better. How do you do a Shoryuken?

I also know some people will say Forward, then the Hadoken but that never works for me.

I usually do forward…then halfway qcf + P.

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I usually focus my inner chi, so as I upper cut, I release my energies and make the opponent fly upwards with a greater impact than physical strength alone can achieve