How do you do abels armor cancel

sorry if a lot of others are asking this but i just cant find a tutorial anywhere. i cant get the timing. so if anyone can answer this or direct me to a video or thread that would be helpful.

Armor cancels don’t exist. If you’re talking about this focus attack dash cancel, then hit the buttons for focus attack right as the first hit of change of direction connects and then dash forward to cancel out of it.

Here’s one:
Armor Cancel Tutorial Video



Found this by typing: SF4 Abel Armor Cancel on youtube…

So in a nutshell, after getting knocked down and dealing with a meaty jump in attack
you input Ex COD :qcf::3p:
and then QUICKLEY input another special move… falling sky, TT, Roll- w/e you want.

You can input the EX COD very very early before you wake up- it’s not a spazzy fast input…
take your time and practice doing it, it’s much easier than you would imagine…

PS… if you have questions please ask them in other existing threads…
there’s the beginner thread
the complete guide
and ask 801 strider

Ok let me explain to you how it works. basically moves with Armor properties can be canceled to another special, super or ultra. in order to get the armour cancel property you have to cancel the ex move in its 1st to 3rd frame (I may be wrong it might be 1st frame only but in my experience it feels like 1-3rd frame) with the 2nd move. Another point is that in this game there was a reversal window of 6 frames for special moves. so as soon as you wake up just input the ex COD then input the second move as soon as you hear the flash press the last button.

just use ex TT i find it easier unless u want bigger damage then i would armor cancel to super… otherwise i say its not worth the risk

ex tt costs meter, armor cancel hp tt doesnt(builds meter instead) n more/equal? damage. also, whiffin ex tt (for example vs neutral jump) will get punished harder than if you whiffed an ex cod

random related story, fought a fuerte earlier at the arcade, i got knocked down with a pixel of health left he tried to do a meaty normal(jab iirc) buffered into super to chip me out but i did armor cancel ex roll n got away

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Wow, this is new to me. What exactly is armor cancel? Absorbing a hit with super armor and immediately canceling into something else? Am I getting this right?

Yes… You have it right

Any character with an ex armor absorbing move can do it…


Just to name a few…

Here’s another video to show you some of the cancels in action, they are very very sick and function as a form of Option select.

Armor Canceling Video



P.S. If you notice, the video is chapter 8 section 5…
It’s one video within a series of many videos each video giving some lesson about something in the game… i recommend watching other videos as well… talks about LOTS Of stuff, you might learn some other stuff…

P.S.S. You’re going to really like the focus cancell into Taunt part… Learn that! It’s lots of fun!

OK no offense, but i have seen your video and was asking more for the timing rather than the inputs and although you gave me a “timing” its not very specific
this on the other hand is

Also, i do think this deserves its own thread so more people can be exposed to it and try to implement it into their gameplan that is why i didnt post it on previous threads. i tried searching for a thread devoted to this and couldnt find it. maybe it was poor searching on my behalf, but nonetheless i feel this tactic is useful especially to abel. so dont hate

Its ok to make a thread. Feel free to either make a thread or PM with any question. Will be glad to help

Although I agree you might need to put in a little effort to find existing threads with armor cancelling, it took me less than a minute. So yeah. If you want to be that person who compiles all the info so far, youre free to do so. Telling someone else to do something doesnt really work here. Everything’s voluntary.

Not sure myself but isnt armor cancelling included in the complete guide thread?

As for asking for specific timing, its 23.963ms

Specific enough? smh

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yes armor cancelling is in the Abel guide…

your unnecessary sarcasm is really uncalled for. Again i think this is a useful thread. armor canceling is useful for his defense because it gives you more options which is always what you want. Therefore i think this thread is needed.i may update it and anyone is free to post info regarding it here as well.

I agree with you and it would be better to compile all the information in one area…

The Abel guide has a section dedicated to Armor cancelling if you feel there are some parts are lacking in detail or need supplementation of any sort I encourage you to speak up and tell me what you think, i’ll be glad to update it with what ever information you’re willing to provide…

that being said I think you’d agree that this thread is redundant for the purposes just proposed and all further talk regarding this topic would be better suited over at the Guide thread where all the information can be gathered in one area for everyone to read.

and excuse splurg’s attitude, he can be a douche often times…

yes thank you for your civilized response. i know the character subforums are filled with tons of unorganized junk and clutter. this thread is a bit unnecessary just for one question, and i would ask others to update their guides, but from just looking around the forums of different characters, it doesnt seem like anyone really updates guides that often. i see some guides that have not been updated in a while and still leave matchups blank or with old information. i know others do not have a lot of time(myself included) and therefore it can be hard to update it on a regular bases, especially since not much new info is now being found. on the guide section there is are several main guides, even though i feel there should be one main one. now for abels armor cancel i think that you can apply this to character matchups and how to make them easier. matchups such as cammy (even though i havent tested it) should benefit from this and should be written with it. even though it may be obvious for more experienced players to apply such knowledge to the match up without reading it, the guides seem to be more towards newer players, and writting down this info can help them with defense. things like this should be added to matchups because it is, in fact, an easy technique on wakeup, done fairly slow. I also feel like adding that adding “after you hear the flash from the ex cod press the button” greatly helps with the timing and can help players who really rely on sounds and visual clues. adding tiny things to a guide can be redundant so i can understand if you dont add them to a guide or you wait until more info is used, but nonetheless thanks anyway

true but u can get grabbed out of it

Well… I’ve read that guide in it’s near entirety multiple times and I missed the armor cancelling part every time, it seems. Maybe it’s just not visible enough. If it wasn’t for this thread I still wouldn’t know.

It’s in post #6 of a stickied thread titled “The COMPLETE Abel Guide!!!”.

It’s not hard to find at all.

Thank you for sharing your opinion.

It’s a fact, not an opinion.