How do you do backwards quarters on your TE stick?


Since it’s got a square gate, I have trouble doing Rekka kens to the left. Anybody have a way they overcame that?


just practice… there isnt a special method

with enough practice you will get it down eventually. the only reason you are having a problem is cause human dexerity almost always favors one side over the other. almost always since there are those special ambidextrous ppl


Are you bringing up the square gate as an issue? If so, you don’t have to actually touch (ride) the gate for the motion to register. A simple wrist flick should give you the quarter circle motion. As Aeons mentioned, it’s simply practice, practice, practice.


I know, its just that my left rekkakens don’t always register. It isn’t consistent.


go into training mode and turn on input display so arrow and button presses show up. You will be able to see how you are doing it incorrectly and have better sense on how to make adjustments.


I do it:

Down, Down Back, Back.



Even though I main Chun-li i wanna use Fei Long sometimes. When I do QCB I think I’m pressing punch too early, but still sometimes I thin its because I’m doing :df::d::l::p:


whenever i use feilong for fun if i want to do renkas i just keep inputing the quarter circle and punch until he finishes the 3 punches. it works i guess but i dont think its a good way to do it. then again i dont play feilong


Don’t Ride The Gate.



Ah yes, the seminal “how to use a stick question.” Don’t worry, everyone has a hard time using a stick when they first get one. Let me give you some advice.

If you have a job, quit. If you are in school, dropout. If you have a significant other, break up with them. Cut all ties from your family. Sell all of your worldly goods, except of course, your arcade stick.

This will give you some cash in hand and a lot of spare time. Use this money and time to set up a business. I recommend a traveling sock puppet play. You can entertain small children and recovering drug addicts at their local gatherings. You’ll find this experience very rewarding and interesting.

Sock puppets are very easy to make. All you do is put eyes on a sock. Some people like to add hats and tongues and the like. That’s cool too. Be creative! When you’re learning, don’t be too concerned about sticking to the cliches. It’s totally acceptable to put a baret on a sock and name it Pierre when you are first starting off, for instance.

Be sure to use a wide range of colors for the sock puppets. If they are all old sports socks, your audience will have a hard time relating to your socks. I recommend a Beijing Opera-esque color scheme where certain colors are used to represent certain roles. Just avoid black; you should be dressed in all black in order to blend into the background. Remember, the sock puppets are the actors, not you.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “that’s all well and good, but what should the plays be about?” Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think. Start off with a simple morality play or perhaps something with a Shakespearean influence. Stick to the classics, then stick googly eyes on the classics, as the saying goes.

Where are you from? Traveling sock puppet shows are especially popular on the East Coast, and of course Utah. Consider relocating if there is a lack of interest in your area.

Speaking of Utah, if anyone in the industry gives you that spiel about needing to be Mormon to break into the sock puppet scene, well, that’s just a line of baloney. Don’t let that get you down, sport. Although many of the most famous grand master puppeteers are indeed Mormon, there is still plenty of room in the industry for people of other faiths.

After a few months of traveling around in the sock puppet scene, pick your old arcade stick back up again. You’ll probably find that your execution has increased immensely. If not, consider going back on the road again.

Alternatively, you can just go to training mode and practice, but that would be crazy, right?


I do it this way:
^Sorry, that’s how I do the ultra.

If it’s just the Rekka, it’s simply :d::db::l:+:p:, nothing special really.


I can confirm that this works




practice til your arms and eyes bleed then rest and repeat. dont forget to actual fight as well because a diet of only practice is a recipe for rape.

edit: also eat chips and smoke all the time


practice, smoke break, match, practice, smoke break, match, etc.

words of wisdom.


have you tried? :db::db::p:


i had the same issue with the square gate. just go to and get an octagonal one. they are the cheapest and took two weeks to get here.

since i have the new one know, it is much easier to do those.


Try starting the motion from DF and then rotating QCB for the command.



Lol thats what I’m all about man lol.


Mad easy! Want backwards quarters on your TE?
Flip a quarter on a TE stick and hope you get tails! Doesn’t work consistently but you can do it!