How do you do bnb?



:l: = Light attack
:m: = Medium attack
:h: = Heavy attack
:s: = Exchange (or “Special” button)
:atk:= Any attack button
:a1:=Assist 1
:a2:=Assist 2
DHC= Delayed Hyper Cancel
AD= Airdash

so far i cant get past

this :l:,:m:,:h: at this point after this part of the combo i want to do this ,“forward” :h: or stinger then go right into volcano! but its always stops me at stinger.

idk if there has been a new update on xbox umvc3 dante but i go on youtube abd look at all th bnb combo’s and everyone is doing this :l:,:m:,:h: ,"forward:h:’’, into volcano! i cant get past it i feel like once i get past this i can do all that fancy stuff…can anyone help

oh and ill show you in these videos what i mean if im confusing you…

lol also idk how to make the video just pop out instead of the link that would be helpful if someone told me how to do that???

i started it at where i was talking about to further clearify

also here

and also here too


thread maker here i meant to say how do you do bnb with dante my bad.


Don’t start a new thread when 2 threads that could answer your problem already exist, thanks.


It’s called a bold cancel. Right when you do the stinger motion you must press :s:+:atk: then immediately input :dp: :m:

It’ll take some practice to get it down.


Doesn’t he have that combo in his missions? o.O