How do you do DOOMS infinite???





Ever hear of GameFAQs?

Anyway, here it is from the Doom FAQ I found on it…

“(in the corner) crouch (Short, Forward, Fierce), superjump
(Jab, Short, Strong, Forward, Roundhouse xx Flight Cancel, Short, Roundhouse xx Flight Cancel, Short, Jab, Roundhouse xx Flight Cancel, and so on and so forth.) Alternate cycles between Short-Roundhouse and Short-Jab-Roundhouse.”


easier way is launch, sj., sj.[lp, lk, mp, hk XX fly], f.[lk, mp, hk]x3 (reaches top of screen), f.[lk, hk]xN

finish off with f.[lk, mk, pause, APA (one row), APA (OTG)]


so let me get this straight,

launch, lp lk mp hk cancel into fly

herese where i get confused. does f. [lk mp hk] x 3
does the “f” mean hold forward???

thanks in advance


iono how everybody else does theirs…but i always do mine like so…launch, [lk, lp, rh, fly] then whenever u get ur opp. to the top of the screen juss switch to [lk, rh, fly] x N to photon array.

dave, there is no fly cancelling anywhere in doom’s infinite.

the “f.” means FLYING yoo young


OMG i’m so sorry it should be launch, sj., sj.[lp, lk, mp, hk XX fly] (better positioning), f.[lk, mp, hk XX fly] x3 (reaches top of screen), f.[lk, hk XX fly] x N


Just a question. Does anyone have a replay of this? I need visual help. :smiley:


if u have msn i can send you the vid on doom’s infinite


Yea I have MSN. I need your MSN s/n tho…


I sent you private message to prevent others from adding me =D


First of all, I stop playing this game a long time ago but I’m actually suprised that the question for this infinite is still asked. This is one of the easiest infinite of the game, here is step by step how you do it.

Launch->sj.WP->sj.WK->sj.MP->sj.MK->sj.RH->Fly->f. WK->f.MP->f.RH->Fly->f.WK->f.RH->[Fly->f.WK->f.MK]xN…

Now to the explanation, first contrary to popular belief there is no need to change to WK->MP-RH during flight to keep the infinite going, doing one is enough. If you see that the opponent is falling you should do the WK-MP-RH combo only to push him up and continue with WK-RH.

You can also start like that: launch->magic chain->sj. RH->Fly->f.WK->f.RH->Fly->f.WK->f.MP->f.RH…

This method of starting is actually harder since you dont have the WK-MP-RH to push the opponent up right in the beginning. So you must do the magic chain a little slower than usual to keep the opponent a little above Doom.


Ummm, what’s the timing for pressing the keys ? can you go all out like mags sj. lk lk AD downforward magic or do you have to time doom’s infinite like ironman’s jumping infinite ? I can at least do storm’s infinite for a couple of repetitions :confused: but i can’t do Doom’s infinite at all -_O.


in dooms infinite, when you activate fly, do you unfly right away? or unfly after the next combo?


think of it this way guys, its almost like using ironman cept you gotta deal with a higher kick instead of a FP like Ironman needs.


After you activate fly the first time, you do your combo (lk, lp, rh or whatever). The rh pushes you back and disables your fly. That’s when you activate fly again and repeat. I think that’s correct.