How do you do dooms infinite?

i know how to do it, but in the corner i launch, 1,2,3,4 hk, fly AND HERE i cant do a short.

is there a reason or sumtin u have to do to get the short out faster?

get that mk out of your combo and it’s gonna work…

do: launch; sj.lp,,, xx fly,,, xx fly,;; xx fly (you should be on the top of screen now) [, xx fly] around 45-50 hits do:;, APA, otg.APA

does anyone have a vid of this? ove never seen anyone do his infinite

My site used to have one, but it’s down now.

Combovideo #0.

dont do the launch 1,2,3,4, hk. just the 1,2,3,4, ad up forward lk, lp, hk, fly, lk, lp, hk, fly, lk, hk, fly,and continue with the lk, hk, fly

Can you get a video of this? I’ve never seen this varation.

I usually just do a psuedo reset before I get the infinite in. Mainly, just for sake of making sure that I kill or get the character near death.

i can’t seem to get the fly lk to connect… can some one help me with this ? and you guys use which one or sj.f+hk ?

I don’t think it matters on the fly Hk, as long as you don’t do d+Hk (the needle stomp). Only can do a few reps myself, but as soon as you fly you have to tap/hold down when you do the lk ( so they aren’t out of range after the HK hits and the light comes out faster).

Practice it on big people first (Doom, venom, etc) - much easier.

Mike Z’s Doom video on Preppys site has the infinite in it.

I’m assuming the infinite doesn’t have any use in game?

u can use it in the corner, it does have a use, everyone has special corner combos

i really don’t find any use in it. you could do the same damage ( if not more) with the normal combo.

the ONLY use i can find in it, is meter.

its pretty fun for show though. after any hard kick you can airdash+assist

IF the person has low life u can kill them without using meter.

You can build meter.

If u snapback an assist u can do the infinite on an assist character

there are few uses and it isnt as practical as doing a regular combo but if u already know it why not use it. If You suck at doing the infinite i wouldn’t recommend using it in an important match or something

why do you even respond? i just said the only use for it was meter.

why do one so fancy when you can just do the df HK launcher on assist?

you answered your own question with the quote below me



thx for the info

Basically this is a bump to keep Doom alive :slight_smile:

But anyway, as far as the infinite goes, it has no uses besides what has already been mentioned. The damage is poor, and with no assist, and a complete combo, it only does, at best, 86 points of damage on cable…

As far as having the best chance to land it, in my experience, use the leg launcher Doom has ( or but can also be used with his usual launcher, in the corner, of course.

launch, immediately sj.lp,, (for best effect, make sure your stick/pad is neutral when you HK.) [fly xx lk, mp, hk] until they reach the top corner of the screen then [fly, lk xx hk]

The reason I start the combo with sj.lp, after the launch is that the punches keep the opponent higher, thus making the later lk after the first initial fly easier to connect. Unlike magneto’s rom infinite, which becomes second nature where time seems to expand and has no strict rythm, doom’s is not the same. It’s purely rythm based with little or no frame forgiveness. Once you understand the timing, it becomes much easier, but is and always will be a flakey combo.


Inbetween reps of the infinite, holding dwn makes it MUCH easier to combo. Like launch, sj.lp,, sj.rh, FLY, hold dwn, f.lp,, f.rh. The dwn input is quite tricky to learn but it makes all the difference on the smaller characters like mag\storm. Courtesy of devil x. He gave me the heads up on this about a year ago and I always use it now. Personally, I feel like I can hit mag\storm more consistently by holding down rather than going to neutral.

Something I don’t think most doom players don’t know is that c.rh can be SJC before it comes out. So you can do something like for blockstun, c.rh SJC, cancel into overhead. This makes his rush down pratically stupid now because he’s one of 2 characters that can create blockstun, then cancel into a normal that cancels into a SJ for rush down.

the input is pretty simple but fast. dwn+rh, up. Thats all it is but you have to hit up the frame where doom turns around to start his animation. If you see his leg, its too late. You’ll know when you get it.

I can do the input by itself almost 10\10. Its not entirely hard to do but it does get tricky when you have to do, c.rh sjc.

I could be wrong, but dont you mean lk, lp, fk xx fly…?

That’s the way I do it. It’s also the same way MikeZ does it in his combo video.

Learning Doom’s infinite is nice and all, but good luck trying to pull it off in a real match. Doom just doesn’t get many opportunities to get the opponent into the corner and I have never seen a person pull it off in a actual match without screwing it up.