How do you do fast unfly?



Ive seen people cancel flight so fast they can block an AHVB. How is this done? Everytime I cancel my flight I get nailed.


go check out the articles section and there should be an article called something like advanced flying Tactics or something like that and that should explain it all


launch, sj, lp, lp, fly, neutral, lp, call capcom, lp, unfly, fly hold up, lp, lp, rp…


after fly, you goto neutral, then press forwad or some other direction. its the forward/w/e that cancels the recovery of the fly… then lp


He isn’t asking about fastfly. He’s talking about stuff like the UCLA trailer where Jwong unflies in front of an AHVB in time to block it. I can’t do that too. Is it just pure execution speed? Or anticipation?


You can’t unfly on reaction to an ahvb, in jwong’s case the opponent fail to aim the beam correctly giving sentinel enough time to unfly. Jwong’s sentinel rarely get cought infront of cable so if you fail to aim correctly he will block the beam. This happens on one of the older video in ctf. In the UCLA video it looks like he block on reaction to a correctly aimed beam, but my guess is that due to the video limited frame rate, it fail to show the beam that missed in the begining. Jwong’s sent was quite low compare to cable so my guess is that they fail to aim low until it is too late.


Here is the article that was written by Tony Cannon and shadyk and ghengis