How do you do Focus right into Super? (no dash animation)


I’ve searched for it, but cannot find this technique in the forums. I’ve seen videos of players focus absorbing a move and then going right into an ultra - almost 3S Parry like. No dash animations.

Any tutorials out for this yet?


what your seeing is most likely a EX cancel and not a focus into super.

for example balrog can cancel his ex rush punch into ultra if done super fast and it looks like he parries into ultra.


If you’re talking about balrog absorbing a fireball and then ultraing/supering right away then look in the balrog forum for the EX kara/armor cancel glitch thread. I believe abel can do it also along with maybe a few other characters.


he’s not talking about that, he’s talking about just straight up dashing into ultra, but it looks as if you dont dash at all, a perfect example would be lvl 4 hard trial seth combo you can do the level 2 focus attack into ultra and that shit comes out fast, but trust me there’s a dash there, i would record a video but my video card died, meaby the op can find a video of it happening.


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Is this what you mean?



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are you referring to this?


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