How do you do giefs ultra?

I know I know flame on.
I just got my TE stick and I can’t seem to pull it off. Is there a trick like doing dp real quick for his green hand?
and why do people say to crouch when doing lariats?

yo homie, you just gotta practice zangief’s fundamental motions. standing 360, walking 360, couching and then 360 and jumping and then 360. there are some japanese zangief players that can do standing 720s in a heart beat. zangief isn’t a easy guy to learn as your first chracter, but he has alotta advantages against some match up, just do your research man and hit up training mode and practice your execution. luckily in sf4, the games is for forgiving and execution is easy compare to the old school street fighter games.

theres no trick for doing his green palm besides linkin it from, which you do a pre motion foward first. just practice simples dp motions man lol fundamental sf moves, that should be executed with no problem.

i dunno what people say about couching lariat, maybe execute a lariat from crouching. a good bait for a anti air lariat? lol

when you crouch when you lariat it gives you a hitbox gap/invincibility frames/i dont know why but it works, so you beat out most jump-ins

Jump in lol

yeah, basically what bboy and colin said. practice, practice, practice. You should be able to pump out 360’s and 720’s without too much difficulty.

man i can NOT do standing 720s man . . . i can do it with fwd dash into ultra . . and taunt into ultra or standing hk into ultra . . . and into ultra . . . . but standing??? whew . . . a whole new league for me!

I can do standing 720’s on a pad with roughly 75% success, but not at all on a stick. It really is just a matter of practice practice practice.

As far as crouching lariats:
LAriats have some weird hit properties that only seem to come out on crouching lariats, it will turn trades into clean hits, and alot of hits against you into trades.