How Do You Do It!'s Sooo Hard!

I’ve been tryin all day but I can seem to makin an avatar with animation…hell i can’t make one period! I’m not requesting one I was wondering If anyone could recommend something other than photoshop i could use to make an av! If everyone else is usign photoshop…HOW! This shit hard den a mothafucka!

this is the best I was able to do and I can even use this one because it’s too many bytes!

i personally use paintshop to make the frames then animation shop to put it all together and any effects i might use

did you make tha av you have right now with animation shop becuase I have it! Maybe I have an older version I don’t think I could do all that.

i use image ready for animation… and ofcourse photoshop for the rest =P

GIMP does it all, but it takes a while to learn.

i’m also trying new ideas and was wondering where can i get image ready

I use photoshop, and animate in a freeware piece of shit called GIFFun.


Av whore here, I think you meant “can’t” so maybe I can help -

(I don’t know the size for regular members, but see if it works.)

welll that’s still to many bytes but thanx anyway!

I use flash its easy as hell but the quality is crap

yea i used animation shop for the one i got now sorry i didnt’ answer earlier i forgot i had posted in this thread

Had to cut some frames to have it under 20k sorry.

Monkey Spank & Travis thanx for the av help…well all of u too but mostly those guys becuase they helped me use the one i already made! I’ll keep at this av thing and maybe next time I won’t need help. :tup: :party: :tup: