How do you do makoto's ground tsurugi?


I remember Justin Wong saying you just tigerknee that move. I have no idea what that mean.


You can either do :d::db::l::uf::k: which I have found tough to do with the Tsurugi, or do :uf::d::db::l::k:.

I’ve found it easiest to do :uf::r::df::d::db::l::k:. Just start at up or up/f and do almost a whole circle around to back.


Back in the older versions of SF2, Sagat’s tiger knee motion was:d::df::r::uf::k:.

This term is now used to say do the motion before jumping. Hit up forward after doing the motion, then hit the button to do the command.

I haven’t messed around with Makoto in super yet, so anything more particular than that I can’t help you with.


Personally I’ve only TK’d a tsurugi once. I just jump and do it really fast manually. i’m not sure why this move in particular is so hard to TK


There’s something about sf4 that makes tiger kneeing hard. Maybe the jumps are slower. But yeah, you can just jump and do it quickly.

It’s not a ground move, it’s just an air move down immediately after you jump.