How do you do standing 720

i can never do a standing 720
i can only do it when i wake up, dash and jump where i buffer half n then finish the other half when i get back on my feet

can someone describe how to do it?
thanks in advance!!

well this has been discussed a lot of times before and really the only way to do a standing tachi is to do a really quick 540. there is nothing else after that. is just fast hand movement

oh sorry i am new to this forum and it shows no postings (so weird? cuz so many members?)
but what exactly do u mean by doing a quick 540, from which point and ending at which position?
many thanks!

I just start forward and end up-back. Which is a bit more than 540 but whatever.

i just got a quick question… how long you been playing with Hugo? i’m just curious…

learn to red parry first if you want to have a shot to win with hugo, you won’t get a chance to land ANY gigas against very aggressive players without it. its the best thing because people don’t want to throw you since you have the 360 and generally just attack. you don’t want to be guess parrying much since the mixups of other characters are so strong its not worth it.
also there are 4 threads or so with very detailed discussion of how to do it. set the thing on the bottom to see posts from the beginning and you’ll see em.

There’s buffering it, and then there’s doing it straight.

Partitioning/Buffering involves throwing out a short or jab and doing a 360 motion, then HOLDING YOUR DIRECTION. you have less than a second of ‘charge’ before you must complete the rest of the motion for your super.

For example: (after knocking an opponent down with, say, Meat Squasher or Backbreaker in corner)
tap c.Short,
(during c.Short animation) d,df,f,uf,u,ub,b,db,d (full 360), and hold down
(end of c.Short animation) opponent gets up, remain crouching
(before 1 second elapses) from down on stick: df,f,uf,u,ub,b + P (270 motion)

This is actually a 630 motion, partitioned.

The “real” way to do it just involves a 630 done really fast. Start with back:
b,db,d,df,f,uf,u,ub,b (360), db,d,df,f,uf,u + P (270)

You probably have like, 7 frames to pull this off. That’s a little more than 1/10th of a second.

i’ve been playing for half a year, just that i have kuroda dvds which teaches hugo and i was wondering how he did the 720. anyway im done with the dvds if anyone wants them, dirty cheap! pm me if u want it

by the way, thanks a lot guys for the input
im still trying to do it i get it once in a while
i guess its just very fast motion lol

Actually, it’s not a 630; it’s 2x270, or a 540 if you prefer, but I say 2x270 because you can do one 270 in one way and the other 270 in the other, meaning that all of you can, using what Arlieth said, for example, do a clap, then when it’s almost done, start with u, ub, b, db, d, df, f (270), hold f to walk a little, you have already one “360” stored, then after walking a bit do f, df, d, db, b, ub, u + P and you’ll get the Gigas. for Tachi, you just need to do one and 1/2 circles, I usually go f, df, d, db, b, ub, u, uf, f, df, d, db, b + P.

Holy shit… Didn’t know Arlieth was still on the forum.

Do you guys still do FFA Ranbat. I didn’t watch any for so long. It would be fun to watch recent 3rd strike ranbat!

was messing around w/ the standing 720 the other day, got it to about 60% consistency, best advice i can give is PIANO THAT SHIT! you don’t have to partition or anything, just spin the stick as fast as you can. w/o pianoing, i could only maybe pull it out 15% of the time.

i think what might be happening is i’m actually executing a 360 + P, and one of the other button presses is cancelling into super, but keeping me on the ground. idk for sure if this is possible, but the input seemed WAY more lax w/ the piano method.

seriously, makes a huge difference

I like to overshoot the first part of the buffer with a full 360 though, because it turns the second part into a 180 which can be activated in the back position, handy for guarding. Rotate from forwards to down-back on their wakeup, and just continue on to back and punch if they didn’t do anything like a Shoryu.

Or you can crouch Gigas for added hilarity. Overshoot the first rotation with a 360 plus a quarter circle from forwards to down, and crouch for a moment. Then perform a clap, and it’s a Gigas instead. Elicits cries of “you’re using a programmable stick, omfg hax” from scrubby idiots.

Nice. :slight_smile:

I like to keep an offense on my opponent so he stays in a cautionary crouch-block position for a moment, at which point I’ll throw out a LK clothesline, stop just in front of him and immediately cancel into gigas. You have to time it so that its not obvious, and looks like a foolish mistake in which case he’ll think it’s a free punish for him and get grabbed.

You know, if you don’t think you can reach your opponent in one dash, you can dash in, buffer a 360, walk up 360 and you get a standing gigas as well.

Yeah that’s a nice one, although I would just do a 180 for the second part instead of a 360, as it ends on back.