How do you do the kara command throw?

is it just lk XX command throw?

Actually i think it’s crouching RH cancelled into command throw (correct me if i’m wrong)… you know you’re doing it because you hear yun go “boo!”.

isnt it hoo? lol

edit: i think its the flying bird kick cancel btw

trippy is right you cancel the cr.rh by double tappin rh at around double back then another button when its at back (i myself happen to suck at this)

and you’re both wrong its woo!

edit: so i’ve been practicing it and i’ve been getting it sorta consistent basically get the timing for where db is so you always get the sweep then just press the rh for db drum all the kick buttons and you’ll hear the woo!

pattybam is right. it’s HOO!

True_Tech you lose.


but that animation doesn’t even move yun foward. the point of a kara is to move the special foward.

you’re wrong. kara command throw moves you forward quite a bit. knit does this almost all the time.

i.e., get a knock down, light up genei jin, dash in, get them to block standing mk, kara cr. hk command thow. is that what you guys are refering to?
otherwise, w/out genei jin, it’s pointless to kara command throw.

i find it easier to perform this by drumming. start from hk at your down/back angle of the motion for the command throw, then tap mk, lk, by the time you finish your motion for the move. this gives you 5 chances to get the command throw off instead of 1.